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In Deutschland in der Ferienwohnung einen schönen Urlaub verbringen, Bild: HALCHYNSKA KSENIIA / shutterstock

The right holiday apartment for a trip to Germany

Once the decision has been made for a holiday apartment as an overnight accommodation for the holiday, a few points should still be considered. How long can you rent holiday apartments? Are these qualitatively recommended? How are they equipped? This and much more is the subject of the following article.

Holiday apartment or apartments?

The question of whether a holiday apartment or an apartment should be rented plays a major role, especially for groups and families. A major difference is that holiday apartments are usually designed to be rented out in weeks, while apartments can also be rented for a few days. This means that longer stays can be planned accordingly. Apartments are also cleaned daily and often offer several services such as wellness and restaurants, while holiday apartments are more private. It is not uncommon for people to cook for themselves in holiday apartments. Apartments are therefore a very good alternative for groups, while apartments are more suitable for individuals.

How do I recognize a good holiday apartment?

A holiday apartment is cheaper than hotels, but it should also be treated with caution, as a mistake can end the holiday fun. For a better understanding and to get a feel for the apartment, customer reviews should therefore be read. Pictures can also be viewed in which the equipment is shown. The corresponding descriptions give many clues. If you feel that this is not enough, you should do a viewing in advance. This approach is recommended for Alloggia apartments as well as for others.


Ultimately, it can be said that holiday apartments are an inexpensive, cosy and intimate alternative that is perfect for groups. These can be found very quickly using various methods.

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