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Familienfreundlicher Urlaub in Ocean City, Bild: Vlad G / shutterstock

New Jersey: Neighbor of the metropolis of New York

In the US state of New Jersey, things can get a little tight. New Jersey is the fourth smallest state in the USA in terms of area. However, since no less than 9.3 million inhabitants cavort on an area of 22,588 square kilometers, New Jersey is the one among the US states with the highest population density. However, this also has advantages, because due to the high population, there is always a lot going on in New Jersey, for example music or cabaret festivals.

There are not only a number of interesting art museums here, but also numerous historical sites that are worth a visit. In addition, New Jersey is located on the Atlantic coast, where you can relax in small coastal towns, especially in the off-season. Admittedly, it can get a bit crowded in the summer on New Jersey’s beaches. But if you can plan your holiday flexibly, you will be able to immerse yourself in true beach paradises here.

Relaxation on the coast, away from the big metropolises

New Jersey is generally more rural. There are few large cities. Most cities have a rather medium format. New Jersey’s high population is due to the fact that there are simply a lot of cities and settlements. Large and well-known metropolises such as New York City and Philadelphia are located in the immediate vicinity of the state. So if you are looking for a little peace and deceleration after a few exciting days in one of these huge US cities, you should go to New Jersey and visit the Jersey Shore.

Here, manageable and romantic coastal towns with picturesque beach sections are lined up. If you are traveling with children or teenagers, Ocean City is the right place for you. There is a wooden beach promenade several kilometres long and children’s and teenagers’ entertainment options on every corner. For example, small amusement parks with roller coasters as well as carousels and mini golf courses. A little further on, in Cape May, things are a little more dignified. Here, stately villas dating back to the Victorian era are lined up. Most of them are built entirely of wood and colorfully painted. If you need a break from beach life, you should definitely let yourself drift past them on a walk and marvel at the architecture of the charming buildings. Afterwards we go out to the lighthouse of Cape May, which is considered a landmark of the whole region.

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The tower, built in 1859, is about 48 meters high. The 48 meters can be climbed via more than 200 narrowly defined steps. From the red-painted top of the white lighthouse, visitors have a breathtaking view over the coastal region around Cape May and out to the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, there are a lot of other seaside resorts in the surrounding area, such as Seaside Heights. All of them have their own special and unique charm. So it’s worth taking a rental car and driving along the coast and stopping wherever you feel comfortable. All of New Jersey’s coastal towns also have excellent restaurants and beach bars serving seafood and barbecues.

Challenge your luck in Atlantic City

Atlantic City News Jersey
Challenge luck in Atlantic City, Image: Creative Family / shutterstock

The city of Atlantic City, which is also located directly on the Atlantic coast, is one of the larger cities of the otherwise rather rural state with almost 40,000 inhabitants. Here, the tradition of gambling has been legally practiced since 1976. Previously, it is rumoured, the gamblers met here secretly. Atlantic City has a number of casinos, making it an ideal place to go for those who have always wanted to try their hand at gambling. In addition, the Miss America pageant has been held annually in Atlantic City for more than 100 years. On the eight-kilometre-long wooden boardwalk, which runs directly along the beach, there are countless boutiques and shops that invite you to shop extensively. In the evening, the Boardwalk is transformed into a nightlife mile. Similar to Las Vegas, there are also many nationally and internationally known artists of all genres to experience in night shows.

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New Jersey’s largest city and cultural center: Newark

Newark, New Jersey
View of Newark, Image: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

Newark is not the capital of New Jersey, but it is the city with the most inhabitants. In addition, the cultural heart of the state beats here. The Newark Museum of Art prefers to exhibit works by American artists. At the Grammy Museum, everything revolves around music and the well-known Grammy music award, which is awarded annually. If you like music and discover new and unknown artists, you should definitely stay overnight in the city and visit some of the numerous clubs here, where newcomers and well-known greats of the music business perform every evening. In the Newark Symphony Hall, friends of classical music get their money’s worth. Newark also enjoys a lively street art scene.

American history, no matter where you look

As a state, New Jersey is closely linked to the fate of the former slaves, who came mainly from African states. In Cape May, the Harriet Tubman Museum informs about one of the most famous advocates of African-American slave rights. It is also worth visiting the small town of Morristown, which is closely linked to former American President George Washington. Washington spent a lot of time here during the War of Independence. A museum commemorates the war itself as well as the famous war participant George Washington and his later work as US president. The museum grounds also include a spacious park that was created on a former battlefield of the War of Independence.