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Phra Nang Cave Beach, Bild: Avigator Fortuner / shutterstock

Krabi – Fantastically tropical

About 800 kilometers from Bangkok, the Thai province of Krabi nestles on the coast of the Indian Ocean. The extraordinarily beautiful landscape stands out from the rest of Thailand. Particularly extraordinary are the numerous limestone cones that rise from the woodland or the sea and attract climbers from all over the world.

Krabi Tourist attractions

Phra Nang Beach – A highlight among the beaches

Phra Nang Beach is probably the most famous beach in Krabi and is often depicted on postcards or picturesque holiday pictures on the Internet. For climbing enthusiasts there are rugged rocks, for beach lovers fine sand and of course a wonderful view over the turquoise water of the sea. All this is accompanied by a tropical jungle.

Another interesting part of this beach is the Phra Nang Cave, which is also called Princess Cave. For the locals, this cave is a sanctuary. Since it is closely related to fertility, phallic symbols are not uncommon there. These serve as offerings to ask for fertility.

The capital Krabi – everyday life and culture

The capital of the province of the same name is not only home to cultural sights, but also lets you get up close and personal with lived culture. The markets, for example, provide an authentic everyday experience and are also a great opportunity to let Thai cuisine melt in your mouth at night. In addition to food and drink, souvenirs and handicrafts are of course also traded. On weekends, the Krabi Town Walking Street is particularly recommended. In addition, the Chao Fah Night Market is held daily – or rather nightly – from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.

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Tiger Cave Temple – Buddhist Temple Complex

Wat Tham Suea, Krabi
The summit of the Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Suea), Image: Balate Dorin / shutterstock

The temple, called Wat Tham Sua in the local language, is located on the top of a mountain and can only be reached via a staircase with 1,237 steps. The tough climb, however, is worth it not only because of the holy site, but also because of the breathtaking view.

However, the temple complex itself is also a real highlight. It was built in 1975 and, according to legend, tigers lived there at that time. This is still evident today in the numerous tiger statues on the grounds.

In the cave that gives it its name, there are the famous paw prints of a tiger.
There are no real tigers in the region today. However, there are quite a few monkeys romping around on the grounds, which is why it is advisable to always guard your possessions well.

Tonsai Beach – dream beach of the alternative scene

Tonsai Beach, Krabi
Tonsai Beach, Image: Balate Dorin / shutterstock

At Tonsai Beach, it is mainly the alternative tourists who meet who pitch their tents away from the tourist hotspots. So the place is a dream for hippies, backpackers and also very popular with climbers.

With its tall palm trees, picture-perfect sandy beach and surrounding rock faces, it offers a wonderful place away from mainstream tourism and can only be reached by boat. In the tropical woodland behind the beach there is also a village with accommodation, bars, restaurants and even a small supermarket, which exudes an unmistakable alternative flair.

Khao Khanap Nam Cave – Insider Tip: Stalactite Cave

This cave is an impressive stalactite cave on the banks of the Krabi River. For a small entrance fee, the cave can be explored and especially visitors who are interested in history will enjoy the prehistoric replicas. Private boat trips are also available to watch the sunset from the cave.

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Tips for a holiday in Krabi

What else there is to see:

  • The nature in Krabi itself is of unique beauty. Hikes or boat trips offer enough entertainment and also let you get in touch with flora and fauna without having to put up with a mass of tourists.
  • For romantic nature lovers, the rather little-visited Nong Thale Lake is also a good destination.
  • Animal-loving visitors will also enjoy the elephant reserves, where the amiable pachyderms are well cared for and guests are also welcomed.
  • And then there is something else that will always be popular: island tours. In total, around 130 islands belong to Krabi. So the choice is large. Whether it’s a full day or just a short trip, the offer is also quite diverse in terms of topics and in addition to boat and boat tours, kayak trips into the breathtaking mangrove forests are also offered.

Best time to visit Krabi

Since tropical conditions prevail in Thailand , the extreme rainy season in April, May, October and November should be avoided. While rain showers can be expected from time to time from June to September, the best time to travel is probably in winter from December to the end of February. During these months, it will remain mostly dry.