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Traumhafter Strand auf Koh Ngai, Bild: jukurae / shutterstock

Koh Ngai – Thailand from its original side

Island hopping in Thailand has become a real insider tip for activities in the South Asian country in recent years. Many of the small islands in the waters around Thailand have so far been spared from being prepared for tourists and so you will find almost untouched nature and beautiful beaches. A good example of this is the island of Koh Ngai. On just five square kilometers there are unique white sandy beaches, no roads and a lot of untouched nature, lined only with a few bungalows and improvised beach bars for the many visitors who also take this island into their list of destinations for hopping.

Discover Thailand from its original side

The trip to Thailand is associated with a unique memory for most people. Hardly any other country can boast such an interesting combination of nature and history and offers a culture that is so much appreciated, especially by German holidaymakers. While the country has a rich and beautiful nature to offer, the areas for tourists are now overrun with hotels, shops and the infrastructure necessary to manage and transport so many tourists. Island hopping is a trend to rediscover the original parts and nature of Thailand. Koh Ngai is an outstanding example of what the whole thing can look like.

If you are looking for the island, you will find it in the Andaman Sea. Already from the coast from the mainland, you can see how the hill rises from the water and is a popular photo motif, especially at sunset. From here you can also cross quite easily by boat. This offer is particularly popular with day trippers as well as backpackers. By the way, if you are looking for accommodation on the island, you should deal with it early. Hotels are rarities and usually only offer simple bungalows. In addition, there is a very basic campsite. The prices are rather high compared to other small islands and therefore most backpackers are only drawn to the island for a day trip or they simply take the opportunity to spend the night on one of the beautiful beaches.

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What to discover and do on Koh Ngai?

View of Koh Ngai
View of Koh Ngai, Image: Jee1999 / shutterstock

The topic of relaxation is very important on the island. Since there are no roads here and officially no settlement, life on the small island is completely decelerate. The hotels do offer pick-up and transport to the pier, but these are usually the only motorized vehicles you would notice on the island. Instead, holidaymakers are usually drawn to the sandy beaches up to four kilometres long, which are also the centre of the island.

Most of the activities on the island can also be started from here. For example, you can rent a kayak or a paddle boat and get a view of the beautiful coastline and the great sandy beaches from the sea. This not only offers the best photo opportunities, but also has a romance of its own in the evening when the sun sets behind the island and offers a view that can hardly be found in this form anywhere else in the world.

In addition, Koh Ngai, with its campsite and few hotels, is the perfect hub for island hopping in the area. Many service providers regularly stop here with their boats and offer transport to the many other islands in the area. Most of them can be reached in less than two hours and offer the opportunity to explore the other cultural highlights of the area in addition to a relaxing holiday on the beach and to get an impression of the other islands, which also attract with a decelerated life, but sometimes with a little more infrastructure. Of course, it is just as easy to transport back to the mainland.

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If you want to do more than just lie on the beach, there are two main activities that are offered on the island: a guided tour up the hill on the island, from where you have an outstanding view over the island, or a comprehensive diving adventure in the sea off the island. An old shipwreck serves as a backdrop for corals and other marine animals. Many holidaymakers take advantage of the easy opportunities for a detour into the sea and explore the great underworld of Thailand, which has one or the other magic to offer.

So if you are looking for nature and relaxation that is as untouched as possible, you will certainly find what you are looking for on Koh Ngai.