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Canada, the second largest country in the world, is a country of superlatives that delights travelers with its stunning nature, multicultural cities, and hospitable people.

The Canadian Rockies offer spectacular scenery and opportunities for outdoor adventures such as hiking and skiing.

The metropolises of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal impress with their cultural diversity, first-class restaurants and vibrant city life.

Banff and Jasper National Parks are a haven for wildlife viewing and nature lovers.

Canada’s east coast beckons with charming towns like Quebec City and historic sites like Fundy National Park.

Canada’s lakes and forests offer endless opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and camping.

The locals, known for their friendliness, welcome visitors with open arms.

Canada is a country known for its diversity and natural beauty, delighting travelers in search of adventure and cultural experiences alike.

The most beautiful destinations in Canada

Canada – the northern brother of the USA – is one of the most popular travel destinations year after year – not for nothing. One of the reasons for this is the enormous diversity that Canada can boast. This ranges from wild natural spaces to cultural highlights and exciting metropolises. Natural beauty in Canada One of the main attractions of the sprawling state is...

Calgary – Canada’s first Olympic city

Founded in 1875, the Canadian city of Calgary is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. This metropolis is not far from some of the country’s most beautiful national parks and is a great starting point for unforgettable excursions. Canada’s first Olympic city is located on the plain, but only 90 minutes away by car in the west rise the impressive...

Nova Scotia, the little-known gem of eastern Canada

Canada stands for vastness, for untouched nature and the pristine wilderness that so many people long for and which is unfortunately very rare to find. But if you are willing to go off the beaten track, you will come across an area in the far east of Canada that combines wonderful nature and breathtaking wildlife. Off we go to Nova Scotia, a province in the land of...

The Cabot Trail: An Unforgettable Adventure in Canada’s Wilderness

The Cabot Trail, named after explorer John Cabot, is a stunning coastal road in Nova Scotia, Canada. This 298-kilometer route winds through the majestic Highlands of Cape Breton Island, offering travelers a unique blend of spectacular scenery, rich culture, and fascinating history. The Cabot Trail is considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world and is an...

Revelstoke – Spectacular Landscapes in British Columbia

Revelstoke is located in the province of British Columbia in Canada. The popular winter sports resort is located between Vancouver and Calgary. Revelstoke can be reached via Trans-Canada Highway 1 and Highway 23. North of Revelstoke is the well-known Mount Revelstoke National Park with the Revelstoke Dam. This dams the river to Lake Revelstoke, which is an impressive...

Edmonton in Canada: The greenest city in North America

The city of Edmonton in the western part of Canada, with a population of around 930,000, is the capital of the province of Alberta and the fifth largest city in Canada. The city, which emerged from a fort founded at the end of the 18th century, is an exciting destination for travelers for various reasons. Edmonton has enormous parks that are organically interwoven...

The most beautiful national parks in western Canada

Canada is probably one of the most beautiful destinations for nature lovers. The country, located north of the USA, is particularly impressive with its many mountains and forests that stretch across the entire area of the country. The west of Canada is mainly marked by the Rocky Mountains, which have formed some breathtaking national parks. In addition to beautiful...

Kelowna in Canada – A paradise for nature lovers and wine connoisseurs

Welcome to Kelowna, a charming town on Lake Okanagan in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The Kelowna area is known for its stunning landscapes, mild temperatures, and many outdoor activities. Whether breathtaking nature experiences, culinary delights or sporting activities – Kelowna has something to offer for every taste. In this blog article...

Jasper – Small-town flair in the middle of the Canadian Rockies

At an altitude of 1062 meters, the Canadian city of Jasper is nestled in the Jasper National Park. The contrast between city life and the impressive natural landscape is unique and so Jasper has become a popular travel destination. All year round, the picturesque town in the province of Alberta is the perfect starting point for exploring the largest national park in...