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Aussicht auf die Stadt Revelstoke in Kanada, Bild: David Bukach / shutterstock

Revelstoke – Spectacular Landscapes in British Columbia

Revelstoke is located in the province of British Columbia in Canada. The popular winter sports resort is located between Vancouver and Calgary. Revelstoke can be reached via Trans-Canada Highway 1 and Highway 23. North of Revelstoke is the well-known Mount Revelstoke National Park with the Revelstoke Dam. This dams the river to Lake Revelstoke, which is an impressive 120 km long. The province of British Columbia is located in western Canada and is one of the most densely forested areas in the entire country.

The history of the city

Revelstoke first served as a storage area for fur traders and later as a supply point for the miners.In 1885, it became the base for the railway line and named after the investor Lord Revelstoke. In 1899, the city was granted local self-government, making it one of the oldest cities in the province of British Columbia. Due to the excellent snow conditions, the city soon gained importance as a winter sports resort, with ski jumping having priority. Revelstoke has a high historical value and demonstrates this with the Revelstoke Railway Museum and the pioneer church from 1896. In 2007, Revelstoke Mountain Resort opened with 52 slopes as one of the largest ski resorts in Canada. Heliskiing is also offered here.

What activities are possible in Revelstoke?

The region is known for hiking tours on your own or in groups. In addition to the winter sports activities already mentioned, skiing, cross-country skiing, boats, yachts, white water rafting, glacier tours and various tours are offered. The area is known for salmon, canoeing, or the Canyon Hot Springs. The Beaver River, the Natural Stone Bridge or the Emerald Lake are particularly popular with families with children. Golfing and paragliding are also possible.

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Tips for Revelstoke

Mount Revelstoke National Park
Mount Revelstoke National Park, Image: Richard Cavalleri / shutterstock

Mount Revelstoke National Park is at its most beautiful during the wildflower bloom season. There are different routes with different lengths leading to the top of the mountain. The highlight is the Fire Lookout. This is a fire observation tower at an altitude of 1,933 meters. Two easy hikes are the Giant Cear Trail and the Skunk Gabbage Trail. Revelstoke National Park is not so well known compared to the other national parks in the Rocky Mountains such as Banff or Jasper .

One of the most beautiful scenic roads in Revelstoke National Park is the Meadows. This is 26 kilometers long, which moves from the Trans-Canada Highway through different vegetation zones. “Parcs Canada” offers a free shuttle service to the hiking area. This ends in the Summit Area of Mount Revelstoke National Park. At the final stop of the shuttle service, the short Heather Lake circular trail begins, which leads you briefly around the lake. There are numerous picnic areas around Balsam Lake with breathtaking views. This national park offers a wide variety of lakes such as Miller Lke, Jade Lakes or Eva Lake. A permit is required for camping in the backcountry campgrounds. The Koo Koo Sint Trail (Man Who Looks at the Stars) takes 15 minutes and offers great views of the Columbia River. Particularly impressive is the First Footsteps Trail, which represents the history of Canada’s indigenous peoples through the art and sculptures of the Secwepemc, Okanagan and Ktunaxa First Nations. The biggest attraction of all, however, is the breathtaking scenery of Revelstoke National Park.

Before setting off, it is always advisable to leave at the hotel where you are going and when you plan to return. In addition, there are numerous ranger stations in the national park. It is advisable to ask for the telephone number and position of the stations along the route in advance. Mobile phones should always be charged. Emergency equipment should always be with you. Tours should never be undertaken alone.

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Revelstoke National Park – home to numerous wildlife

Anyone who decides to spend a holiday in this huge forest area should prepare very well for it. Because it is the home of blackberries and grizzlies. For the children, the many frogs, mountain goats, squirrels, pikas (whistling hares) and forest caribou are of particular interest. Bear warning signs should always be observed.

When is the best time to travel?

The best time to travel is between mid-July and mid-September. Revelstoke National Park is most beautiful in August, when the wildflowers are in full bloom. Some hiking trails are also closed in July due to snow. In the Summit Area, there is a small parking lot for cars and one for RVs.

Caution! Vehicles over 7.9 meters in length are not allowed.

What attractions are there directly in Revelstoke?

The children are very impressed by the Grizzly Plaza with the numerous bear statutes. The Revelstoke Railway Museum can be visited in this city. The historic city center with its Victorian architecture is very interesting. In addition, the city is a good opportunity to stock up on supplies for the hikes.

Revelstoke National Park in winter

The best time to visit in winter is between January and February. A guaranteed good snow situation, empty and natural slopes fulfill the dreams of enthusiastic skiers. Winters in Canada are far colder than in Europe. It is not uncommon for the water jet of the fire brigade to freeze in the air. Various precautionary measures should therefore be taken into account. That’s why all vehicles have a kind of socket on the radiator and houses on the outside. This can be used to charge the car battery at any supermarket parking lot and house. In Canada, the onion look is therefore popular in winter. This means that several layers of clothing are worn on top of each other. In any case, Drive BC should be contacted before leaving in winter to find out which roads are free and usable. Log cabin accommodations along the lakes are particularly pretty.