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Sweden, the largest country in Scandinavia, has a diverse landscape, from the Northern Lights in the far north to the archipelago islands in the south.

The capital Stockholm is a vibrant metropolis where modern architecture and historic old town districts meet.

Sweden’s nature is breathtaking: endless forests, thousands of lakes and majestic mountains offer countless outdoor activities.

Swedish culture is shaped by design, music and a rich history that can be experienced in museums and castles.

Traditional Swedish cuisine offers delicacies such as köttbullar (meatballs) and smörgåsbord (a feast of different dishes).

Sweden is also known for its liberal way of life and environmental awareness, which makes it a modern and progressive country.

Discover Sweden’s fascinating mix of nature, culture and innovation on your next trip.

Gothenburg – Swedish joie de vivre and serenity

Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city and port city on the west coast, is a popular destination for travelers who want to combine a relaxed atmosphere with interesting attractions. Particularly worth seeing is the cobblestoned district of Haga with its many small and quaint shops that exude a charm of its own. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of...

Helsingborg – pearl on the Öresund

Helsingborg: The city sits at the narrowest point of the Öresund, only a few minutes by ferry from Helsingør in Denmark. Wide fields with magnificent farms that merge into a beautiful woodland, a charming coastal strip with a sandy beach and many castles characterize this region. Yellow and red Swedish cottages glow in the summer sun. Helsingborg not only enjoys the...

Stockholm – Sweden’s dazzling capital

A look at the city map of Sweden shows a confusing tangle of islands, skerries and waterways. However, everything that belongs to the attributes of a cosmopolitan city is brought together in a manageable space: magnificent architecture, venerable patina, modern city districts, cosy old town alleys and numerous parks and green spaces. Stockholm, sometimes called the...

Lapland – Lights in the far north

There are hardly any more beautiful corners than in winter at the Arctic Circle. Lapland and Finland are among the most romantic northern countries on earth. Snow covers the country like a silk dress, cold air blows around the noses of holidaymakers and there are polar animals that are not native to the rest of Europe, except perhaps in zoos. In winter, the Northern...

Winter Tours in Sweden

Are you in the process of planning your next vacation? Would you like to spend your free time outdoors in nature, experience action and adventure? Then your next destination should definitely be Sweden ! Crystal clear air, vast landscapes with large lakes and enchanting colours… that describes the first impressions of Sweden. Sweden is one of the Scandinavian...

Experience diversity on Gotland

The Swedish island of Gotland, which lies northeast of Öland, is the second largest island in the Baltic Sea and is considered a historic province. The province of Gotland is made up of Gotland and some neighbouring islands, which also form the municipality of Gotland. The island has a mild climate, which is perceived as pleasant for many tourists. Gotland is...

The most beautiful destinations in Sweden

When the sun sends its rays through the foliage of the trees, even the last forest spirits take flight. It is a landscape enchanted by elves and guarded by trolls. We are talking about Sweden and thus about the Scandinavian country that preserves its traditions and where Nordic mythology with its mythical creatures has a firm place in people’s consciousness...

Sweden, the Nordic beauty – alluring and endearing

Paradisiacal beaches, magnificent courtyards, rocks, bays and wondrous gardens paired with the famous Astrid Lindgren charm: Sweden offers fantastic views. Cosy wooden houses with their fresh colours set cheerful accents in a largely lonely landscape. Natural spectacle or opera, museum or dreamy hinterland, lively city life or soothing time-out – there is...