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Lappland bietet pure Naturerlebnisse, Bild: vvvita / shutterstock

Lapland – Lights in the far north

There are hardly any more beautiful corners than in winter at the Arctic Circle. Lapland and Finland are among the most romantic northern countries on earth. Snow covers the country like a silk dress, cold air blows around the noses of holidaymakers and there are polar animals that are not native to the rest of Europe, except perhaps in zoos. In winter, the Northern Lights can be seen in the sky. It hardly gets light all day, but there are many happy people living here. Cosiness spreads in the small houses, which are also called Finnhütten and whose roofs reach almost to the ground.

Magic and contrasts

Lapland is located in the north of Scandinavia and stretches across Sweden, Norway and Finland. The people who live here are called Sami. In the past, these were also called “rags”. The country itself has numerous contrasts, such as sunlight, which never ends in summer, or the darkness in winter, which weighs on some people’s minds. But there are Northern Lights that bathe the sky in unique colors. Lapland is unique in every season and the landscape is fantastic. There are, if you want it exactly, eight seasons, not just four. In winter, the snow country is simply magical. In spring, there is special light in the country and the polar night characterizes this season. The snow-covered hills invite you to enjoy winter sports on skis and snowshoes. The summer in the northern latitudes is very different from the summer we experience here in Germany . There are white nights, hardly any darkness and the rays of the sun refracting in the small lakes. Autumn with its intense colours is also a miracle of nature. The national parks with their moose are then in a special splendour and you are invited to hike. A time of peace and quiet passes through the country, which is particularly good for bronchi and lungs with its pure and cool air.

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Places of interest in Lapland

Christmas Village Rovaniemi
Santa’s “office” in Rovaniemi Christmas Village, Image: Roman Babakin / shutterstock

In addition to the endless nature, the numerous national parks with its rare animals and an idyllic tranquility that spreads over the country, there are still numerous experiences, such as Rovaniemi, the city where Santa Claus lives. On the one hand, the Arctic Circle can be crossed here, and on the other hand, there is a beautiful Christmas village with many lights and colorful houses. The village is not only built around Christmas time, but can be visited 365 days a year. Many souvenir shops and restaurants are inviting. Another highlight is Santa’s secret forest, which holds numerous activities. There are also beautiful accommodations here, in small wooden cubes or a transparent hotel in the middle of the tundra. You can also feel a certain cosiness in the igloos and look out into the snow through the large panoramic window. For people with an adventurous spirit, there is always something here.

There is a husky and reindeer farm, as well as numerous festivals spread throughout the year. In addition, you can dig for gold.

Experience pure nature

Deep gorges and high rocks run through the Pyhä-Luosto National Park. The vast sky of Lapland stretches over tall trees and deep forests. Treeless and windy peaks also characterize the landscape of this national park. The best hike is between Pyhä and Luosto, two resorts that shine in the sun in summer and sink into the snow in winter. A tourist highlight in this park is the amethyst mine Lampivaara.

The second largest national park is called Urho-Kekkonen and is located in the east of Lapland. It was founded in 1983 and bears the name of the president. Wilderness huts characterize the snow-covered landscape between Arctic fells. A hike to Saariselkä and to the Russian border is on the agenda. Korvatunturi is the home of Santa Claus, who makes millions of children happy every year. On the famous Bear Trail lies Oulanka Park, which stretches across the southeast of the country. There are numerous paths and suspension bridges, as well as beautiful waterfalls that dot the country.

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Places of interest in Lapland

Urho Kekkonen National Park
Urho Kekkonen National Park, Image: INTREEGUE Photography / shutterstock

In addition to the endless nature and beautiful landscapes, there are numerous cities that should definitely be visited during a holiday in Lapland, including Rovaniemi with its 60,000 inhabitants. Unfortunately, the city was destroyed in the Second World War, then rebuilt as a reindeer layout. If that’s nothing special? The Artikum, the Arctic Museum, is also worth a visit. During the visit, a detour should be made to Santa Claus, because he comes from Finland. On the way to Inari, you will pass Tankavaara, which is known for its gold panning museum. A little further on there is an igloo hotel. In the middle of nature and in the snow, you can find peace and quiet here. We continue to the Gold River in Lapland, the Ivalojioki. This is exactly where you can scavenge for gold, in a river that flows through countless claims in the middle of the forest. September is the so-called “Indian Summer” in Finland, the Ruska. Beautiful colorful leaves and unique, endless forests. The two ski resorts of Kittilä and Ylläs are very popular for winter sports.