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Bild: Juergen Faelchle / shutterstock

Holidays with family in Mallorca – Despite Corona

Holidays in Mallorca in 2020 – We dared to do it despite Corona and were not disappointed. We have summarized what preparations were necessary for this and what experiences we have gained on the island.

Preparation of the trip

Of course, face masks are part of the hand luggage on this year’s trip, like the passport and the first-aid kit. However, before you are allowed to enter Mallorca, you must first register with the Spanish health authority, provide your contact details at home and at your holiday destination and answer a few short health questions. These health questions can be answered from 48 hours before arrival. Registration can be made a few days earlier. All you need is your identity card or passport. The form is easy to understand and comprehensible. However, it is a bit annoying that as a family of four, you have to create and fill out the form completely four times, as there is no option for a group of several people.

Airport and flight

Frankfurt Airport Corona
Nothing going on at Frankfurt Airport, Image: Reisemagazin Online

Anyone flying out of Frankfurt these days will experience the airport as empty as rarely before. Hardly any take-offs and landings and therefore only a few passengers. The check-in went absolutely smoothly with little waiting time at the baggage check-in. At the gate, the usual suspects, who are already afraid at the first boarding call that the plane could take off without them and therefore have no consideration for small children when jostling. At least something normal in these crazy days. To protect our children, we booked “Business Class” on our Condor flight for an extra charge. So the rows around us were free and of course the middle seat remained empty.

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The Boeing 737 itself did not seem to be fully occupied in economy class either, so I did not notice any hygiene deficiencies here either. No open drinks were allowed to be served during the flight. Instead, the stewardesses and stewards distributed a mix of packaged sweets, snacks, yoghurt and moistening wipes in a bag. Included in Business Class, the offered mix of standard seats cost 6.50 euros.

Arrival in Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca Airport, Corona
There is also little going on at the airport in Palma de Mallorca , Image: Reisemagazin Online

Contrary to the widespread reports, we did not have any large passenger volume at the airport at 10 o’clock in the morning, so that we got through the security checks quickly and without queuing. It was a bit more crowded at the baggage claim, but all holidaymakers kept the necessary minimum distance from each other. At the rental car counters you had to bring a little patience. Apparently, many travelers here rely more on self-organized hotel transport. This can also be seen when you leave the airport building. Where one transport bus usually stands next to the other, there were large gaps this year.

Procedure in the hotel

This year’s choice fell on the Protur Biomar Gran Hotel in Sa Coma. Since we already know the hotel from previous trips to Mallorca, we can compare the situation during Covid-19 times particularly well with previous stays.

If you move around the hotel grounds, e.g. from the room to the pool, masks are compulsory from the age of 6. This is certainly a little annoying for small children, but as an adult you are already used to the mask from home. At the pool as well as at the table in the restaurant, the mask can of course be taken off.

Procedure at the buffet

In the restaurant – as usual … will present a large live cooking offer. In terms of content, the restaurant strives to provide the same scope and quality as in previous years. The buffet is set up in a classic way. The only but clear difference: service staff put the food on the guests’ plates after the choice. So you can’t portion the food yourself as usual. This limits the culinary feeling of happiness a little, as you don’t dare to try a little bit of everything. In addition, the hotel serves portioned starters and desserts in a glass or bowl, which you can take yourself. Overall, it can be said that a restaurant concept has been worked out, which nevertheless provides the guest with a special experience.

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The situation in the village and on the beach

Sa Coma Beach
It is not quite as empty on the beach of Sa Coma as in this photo, even in Corona times, Image: Diego Blanco / shutterstock

One thing in advance: If you move around the village, there is a strict mask requirement in Mallorca (as of July 30, 2020). In Sa Coma, located in the southeast of the island , the Corona consequences are very clearly felt. Many shops are closed. Open shops are only lightly frequented. So far, we have always been on the road here in the pre-season and have found a lively holiday resort. This is absolutely not the case this year. On the one hand, this provides a certain security, but it also makes you a little sad because it is foreseeable how hard the Covid crisis will hit the people of Mallorca. Especially those who depend on tourism.

A few vacationers gather on the beach, but the clear majority of the official beach chairs remain empty. However, the minimum distances are observed by all beach visitors, so that a safe holiday is also possible here.

Is a holiday in Mallorca possible in 2020?

Our experience shows that a holiday in Mallorca is possible even during Corona. the Mallorcans are very keen to ensure that the restrictions are not significant and that guests can enjoy their holiday as carefree as possible. The security measures in the shops (especially in large supermarkets) are at least as strict as in Germany. We do not regret our decision to fly and would book again at any time.