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Planen sie für einen entspannten Urlaub schon vorab Ihren Transfer vom Flughafen Bergamo zu Ihrem Urlaubsziel, Bild: Fabio Michele Capelli / shutterstock

Holidays in Milan and northern Italy: what to do and how to organize from Bergamo airport

Northern Italy is a popular holiday destination for thousands of tourists every year. The reasons for this are not surprising, as this area of the Bel Paese is rich in numerous attractions, both cultural and secular, as well as gastronomy and wine.

Think, for example, of Lombardy, its Alps, cities, lakes and the centre of gravity it occupies in relation to other places in the north, which can be reached in one day from most of Lombardy’s capitals. One of the reasons that leads many tourists to choose Lombardy as a destination is the dense and efficient network of connections, both internal and interregional, national and international. The airports of Milan and Bergamo are probably the best served by the main airlines of the entire boot.

These areas are very easy to reach from anywhere in the world with direct flights and, in some cases, particularly cheap, especially for those who opt for Bergamo Orio Al Serio airport and not for the busier Malpensa and Linate airports in Milan. On the other hand, Bergamo Airport, although further away than the other two mentioned, also has an efficient transport network to the main neighboring and even more distant cities. Throughout the day, for example, shuttle buses run to the centre of Milan, such as the new Flibco service, which also offers transfers from Milan to Bergamo Airport to facilitate the return journey. The comfort of this solution lies not only in the spacious and fully equipped vehicles, but also in the possibility of reserve seats on board the buses via the website and the appso that you can devote yourself to a instant and direct connection and time is optimised. There are many interesting destinations to reach from Bergamo, so you can put together an itinerary that covers the highlights of Lombardy and northern Italy in general, whether for a day trip or a longer stay.

The Cities

View of Milan, Image: s74 / shutterstock

Let’s start with the capital of Lombardy: Milan. It is considered the financial capital of Italy, but not only. The city is also and above all a hub for visitors because of the countless opportunities it offers, both in terms of culture and leisure. Think of the charm of historic and imposing buildings such as the Cathedral, the Castello Sforzesco or the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, to the shop windows with the latest fashion trends that have inspired the Quadrilatero della Modathe Corso Buenos Aires, but also all the exclusive little restaurants and trattorias scattered throughout the city centre, such as along the Navigli, where you can enjoy local specialties. Milan is also a popular city for lovers of gastronomy; in fact, in this city you can taste local dishes such as the famous “orecchia di elefante” (Milanese schnitzel), but also saffron risotto and osso buco .
However, Milan is not the only capital of the region that is worth visiting. Bergamo and Brescia are also cities of great historical and cultural interest. Basilicas, churches, restaurants, streets and neighborhoods make them ideal stops for those who want to immerse themselves in the streets praised by Manzoni.

The Lombard Alps

Lombardy is not only synonymous with large-scale industry, signatures, careers and social events. Nature lovers can easily reach places in the heart of the Alps from Milan. For example, Ponte di Legno, which stands out for its recently restored architecture, as well as the landscapes of Mount Adamello, which is an ideal place for mountain bikers. But Livigno and Valtellina are also very popular destinations that skilfully combine elegance and sportiness.

Piani di Bobbio, Val Camonica and Gerola are a must for those who want to immerse themselves in the wild nature of the Lombard Alps, even if it is only for a day.

The Lakes

Lake Como
Lake Como, Image: Rebell / shutterstock

Another very interesting tour to put together is the one to the Great Lakes of Lombardy. For example, you can visit Lake Como, with all its magnificent villas and the retro charm of the capital of the same name, but also Lake Garda with its villages, such as Riva del Garda or Desenzano. Lake Maggiore and Lake Iseo are also fascinating, surrounded by mountains and an ideal place for those who want to dive into beautiful waters, even if they are not in a seaside resort.

Excursions outside the region

Staying in Lombardy means, above all, as we have already mentioned, enjoying an extensive network of direct connections with other northern cities .
Think, for example, of Verona or Venice, which are among the most romantic cities in the Bel Paese, where history, architecture and poignant legends are combined. Verona, famous for the story of Romeo and Juliet glorified by Shakespeare, offers all the beauty of its historic center and its squares, which you may even be able to visit during the Christmas markets. Venice, with its canals, quiet alleys, the Bridge of Sighs, the old Arsenal and, last but not least, the famous St. Mark’s Square , remains one of the most impressive pearls of the Mediterranean to visit at any time of the year.