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Alanya an der türkischen Riviera, Bild: Tomasz Czajkowski / shutterstock

Hidden Cultural Experiences in Turkey: Revealing Local Traditions and Customs

The Turks are an open people, which manifests itself when you get to know each other. The friendly atmosphere is established already at the first tea party, and they, in turn, will do everything possible to leave only positive impressions after the meeting.

As for etiquette, there are some immutable rules in the country that foreigners should follow. So, on public transport, in the theater and other similar establishments, a man tries not to sit next to a woman, especially if there are free seats. Often, women and men generally sit separately.

In addition, the Turks are often late and may not be able to fulfill the agreements. Of course, without malicious intent. All you can do in this case is accept them and perceive them as they are. Men who follow Muslim customs do not allow their wives to wear clothes that are too open and to behave immodestly in the presence of other people.

Turkish women are a model of kindness. When they receive the guests, they surround everyone with attention and make sure that everyone is full and satisfied.

Another characteristic of Turkey and its people is the love for homeless animals. In the streets of many Turkish cities, you can see drinkers, feeders, and even houses for cats and dogs. People are constantly making sure that the animals have food and water. In addition, special vending machines will be installed in the settlements, where you can get food for four-legged friends if you hand over plastic bottles.

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Turkish Hospitality

View of Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul
View of the Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul, Image: Nick N A / shutterstock

Hospitality in Turkish traditions occupies a dominant place. About the breadth of the soul of the Turkish people, literally all foreigners who have visited the Eastern state at least once speak.

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Turks love to make new acquaintances and are ready to provide visitors with tea literally in any store. In return, it is not customary in Turkey to decline an invitation to visit. This can be seen as a manifestation of disrespect. But a polite refusal and an explanation of its cause (e.g. lack of free time) will not cause a negative reaction.

The locals love to entertain themselves and eat deliciously. As a rule, hosts and guests are planted in the living room on cushions directly on the ground. The treats are placed on a low table in the middle of the room. Taking into account religious traditions, it is customary to take the food from a common plate only with the right hand and eat slowly.

When visiting a restaurant, the inviting party pays. Attempts to pay at least part of the amount or give money can be perceived as an intention to offend. If you want to say thank you, it is better to send a nice gift in the form of fruits or sweets later. They can be ordered with the delivery or you can put together a basket of your favorite fruits yourself. In any case, you should make sure in advance that you have access to unlimited mobile internet for Turkey , which in turn helps the eSIM. All you have to do is install the app on your iPhone or Android and buy eSIM tariffs that are convenient for you.

Family and values

The Turks are followers of traditional family values. Relatives often settle close to each other in order to be able to meet regularly, provide the necessary help and support. And this is one of the reasons why there are practically no single elderly and homeless children in Turkey.

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The head of the family is a man. It often includes all family members, so no actions are discussed. Women tend to take on the role of keepers of the hearth. They take care of the children and the spouse, create cosiness, do the cooking.

Food and relationships with neighbors

Turkish cuisine is known literally all over the world. And it is no coincidence that one of the destinations in Turkey today is culinary tourism.

Food occupies an honorable place in the life of every Turk. The locals eat a lot of meat and vegetables, bread and all kinds of sweet and unsweetened pastries. You can find nearby all the necessary products to visit the map, just with the internet on your mobile, for which the virtual SIM card is an excellent option. A simple solution with a SIM card for travel can help tourists make their vacation safer and more cost-effective.

The most popular Turkish dishes are dolma and piyaz, lentil soup and shakshuka, menemen and lahmacun, balyk ekmek and simit, the return to the food-themed era.

As we wrote above, Turks are a very sociable nation. They don’t like to eat alone, so usually all family members gather around the dining table.


In our little review, we have described only a few aspects of Turkey’s multifaceted and unique culture. In addition, the customs and traditions of the eastern country differ in different regions. Therefore, it is better to visit the Turkish Republic itself and immerse yourself in the unforgettable atmosphere of hospitality.