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Kemer an der türkischen Riviera, Bild: Olga Gavrilova / shutterstock

Kemer on the Turkish Riviera

The Turkish Riviera with the beaches of Antalya has been one of the most popular destinations for German-speaking holidaymakers in Turkey for years. In most months of the year, there is fantastic weather, an excellent infrastructure for tourists and, last but not least, a wide selection of hotels and accommodation. A little away from the regional capital Antalya is the Kemer region, which has already been discovered by one or the other visitor, but compared to other places on the Riviera, it is almost an insider tip. Here, too, there are all the advantages of a holiday in Antalya and, last but not least, a variety of great sights.

Traditional Turkey meets paradise for tourists

Olympos, Kemer
Olympos, a popular destination for Kemer vacationers, Image: guraydere / shutterstock

In Antalya, and especially in Kemer, they have made it their mission to offer tourists a great holiday and yet not to ignore the typical traditional Turkey . There are areas where hotels are the main sources of income, but life in the shadow of the Taurus Mountains is also going its way, as it has been for several thousand years. Kemer itself, the capital of the region, is strongly influenced by tourism. Here they have fully adapted to the needs of holidaymakers, who often just want to enjoy the beach, the good weather and the hospitality of the locals. The many shops in the city bear witness to this. Here, too, however, there is an increased focus on traditional restaurants and facilities. Tea houses, for example, have been on the rise again in recent years and attract holidaymakers with a look at typical Turkish everyday life.

What makes Kemer so appealing, in addition to the combination of traditional Turkey and the amenities of tourist-developed areas, is above all the long history associated with this region. Many peoples once lived here and many of the ruins in the immediate vicinity are still sought-after destinations for holidaymakers who decide to travel here. In addition, there is a nature that cannot be found in this form even in the rest of Turkey. Once shot from the wonderful mountain scenery and you will find the vastness of the Mediterranean Sea and the wonderful beach right in front of your nose.

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The most beautiful and interesting sights in Kemer and its surroundings

It is above all the long history with Greece that provides a variety of the most impressive sights in the area. In first place, without a doubt, the approximately 2,500-year-old city of Phaselis. The city, which has already passed through the hands of the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines, has a long history and was probably once one of the most powerful port cities in the region. Even today, many ruins from the history of the city can be found. A small highlight is that you can swim in one of the three former city harbours today – right where the mighty merchant ships once anchored.

Olympos, which is located in the immediate vicinity, does not have so many ruins to offer, but no less history. Here it is above all the mixture of nature, location and the few remaining ruins that make it so appealing. Hours of the hike can be spent effortlessly in the immediate vicinity. The city’s namesake is also fitting for this – Mount Olympus or rather Mount Tahtali Dagi, as it is called today. At around 2,500 metres, it dominates the entire landscape. Years ago, a cable car was built, with which you can now go to the top. On good days, the breathtaking view goes as far as Antalya, about 70 kilometers away. If you want to have the world at your feet, a visit to this holy mountain is just the right thing for you.

Nature and excursions on holiday in Kemer

Nature Kemer
The nature around Kemer invites you to take a walk, Image: Oleg_P / shutterstock

Apart from the tours to the typical sights, it is Kemer’s location that offers one or the other activity. Boats in particular go to various places in the immediate vicinity. There are sunken ruins, beautiful islands, unknown bays and lagoons, some of which are offered in day trips. It is not uncommon for these to be combined with food and one or two excursions. Hiking in the nearby canyons is also an option, as is a canoe tour through the narrow rocky gorges or a long excursion on quad bikes, with which you can explore the immediate surroundings. Kemer’s location guarantees that you will certainly not get bored on holiday.

The country, the food and the people

As already mentioned at the beginning of the text, culture continues to play an important role for the people in the region. Of course, you can usually stay in the hotel for food, but there are a variety of restaurants that offer authentic Turkish cuisine. Last but not least, the nightlife is also characterized by a booming tourism district in the city and offers everything you could want for your own vacation and for the need for a little entertainment, from the theater to the simple club. If you combine all this with the well-known hospitality of the Turks, it is almost guaranteed that you will have a great time and a relaxing holiday in Kemer with many great memories.

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Beaches of Kemer

  1. Moonlight Beach – Located right next to Kemer Marina, this beach offers golden sand expanses and a semicircular bay that is ideal for beach activities.
  2. Camyuva Beach – Located south of Kemer, this beach impresses with its long pebble beach and clear, turquoise waters.
  3. Phaselis Beach – Known for its historic surroundings, this beach is divided into three bays that are ideal for swimming and sunbathing.
  4. Adrasan Beach – Located about 50 kilometers from Kemer, this secluded sandy beach offers a tranquil atmosphere surrounded by nature.
  5. Tekirova Beach – Known for its natural beauty, this beach offers clean sandy areas and clear waters.

What to do with children in Kemer?

In Kemer, there are a plethora of activities you can do with children that are both fun and educational:

  1. Water parks: Visit Dolusu Water Park in Kiris or Moonlight Aqua Park in Moonlight Park in central Kemer. These water parks offer slides and pools that are specially designed for children and ensure that the whole family has an exciting day.
  2. Theme park: The EcoFun Adventure Park and the Dinopark in Goynuk offer exciting attractions that children will love. These parks offer a mix of education and entertainment with dinosaur exhibits and adventure playgrounds.
  3. Outdoor activities: For nature-loving families, Göynük Canyon offers opportunities for hiking, canyoning and other outdoor adventures. It is a great opportunity to explore the impressive natural scenery of Kemer (Antalya Tourist Information).

  4. Boat: Take a boat trip from Kemer, which often includes stops for swimming in picturesque bays and offers special activities for children. Such tours are ideal for enjoying the coastal scenery while maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere.
  5. Visiting historical sites: A trip to the archaeological site of Phaselis not only offers a glimpse into ancient history, but also beautiful beaches and picnic areas that are perfect for a family day out.