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Blick von Spieljoch (1920 m) über die Spieljoch-Seilbahn, in der Nähe der Bergstation und über den Wasserspeicher, Bild: Zdravac / shutterstock

Fügen in the Zillertal

The Zillertal in Tyrol should be a well-known name, especially for friends of cultivated winter sports. In the mountains of Tyrol you not only have some of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world, but also many opportunities to enjoy nature and simply switch off from everyday life. In tranquil towns like Fügen in the Zillertal, you are by no means only welcome as a guest in winter – more and more people are discovering the magic of these areas during summer and autumn, away from the huge streams of visitors in winter. Above all, the mountains are of course an object of longing for many travelers.

The most active valley in the world – according to its own description

Fügen is the largest village in the Zillertal and can boast 4,000 inhabitants – for the villages in the mountains this is already a considerable number. And of course, the economy here has been geared towards visitors from all over the world who want to enjoy the panorama of the Alps or use the town as a base for their activities in the area. In recent years, it has been discovered that people not only have a special love for the mountains and the possibilities of Tyrol in winter, but also appreciate nature in the other seasons. Accordingly, an entire industry has recently developed around the possible activities.

The history of Fügen goes back a while and that’s something to be proud of. Small craft businesses are still a normal sight here, which is no wonder, because crafts and industry have played a role since the late 17th century. With a nearby mine, once an important supplier of iron and a place that concentrated mainly on metalwork, relics of this time can still be seen today – also under the impression of the many modern shops and accommodations that today provide the most streams of visitors in Fügen.

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Activities in the Zillertal in summer

When the last remnants of snow can only be seen on the tops of the mountains, Zillertal offers a wonderfully green sight with impressive nature and comparatively warm temperatures, which invite you to take part in one or the other activity in the area. The panorama, for example, invites you to Nordic walking through the valley, where you can explore small streams as well as the lower parts of the mountain slopes, while being framed by the impressive Alps – perfect of course for fresh air lovers who want to escape the smell of the city and are looking for relaxation for lungs and mind.

One of the most popular excursion destinations in summer and winter is the Spieljoch, the local mountain of the Zillertal. Here you will find probably the best infrastructure for activities and excursions. Hiking in the mountains or a mountain bike tour are among the real classics in terms of activities. Either you set off on one of the many paths through the mountains on your own or take advantage of the local offers, rent a mountain bike and let a local guide lead you along the most beautiful places and best routes. The corresponding tours are also family-friendly, so that the children can also have fun in the mountains.

Visiting the Zillertal in winter

Spieljoch Fügen in winter
Fantastic winter sports conditions in Fügen, Image: Patrick Jullien / Reisemagazin Online

In winter, Fügen in the Zillertal naturally presents itself in the tradition of winter sports resorts and knows that the piste on the Spieljoch is one of the most beautiful ski areas in the immediate vicinity. Here, too, family holidays play a major role. Many of the providers have child-friendly offers with which not only families can have fun together, but with which parents can also explore on their own, while professionals take care of bringing the fun of winter sports closer to the offspring.


The slopes are extremely popular at home and abroad and therefore it makes sense to make the bookings as early as possible. Of course, even in winter you are not limited to skiing and snowboarding, but can take part in extensive hikes or enjoy the mountains in all their splendour and at a slightly slower pace while Nordic walking. Here you will find everything you expect from a classic ski area and can simply relax in the winter months and enjoy one of the most beautiful regions in Tyrol with all its possibilities.

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Accommodation and what else there is to discover in Fügen

Of course, there are a variety of accommodations available in Fügen in a wide variety of price ranges. From the simple mountain hut where you become self-sufficient to the cozy room in a luxury hotel with all amenities, there should be something for every taste. This also applies to the good selection of shops and restaurants, which can be found especially in the centre of Fügen and allow you to get your money’s worth after a strenuous day on the slopes.

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Of course, when Fügen is mentioned, the thermal baths should not be forgotten. It offers fun for young and old visitors alike and can also offer an exclusive relaxation programme that can be just the right solution for one or the other battered muscle, especially after a strenuous day on the slopes.