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Tannheimer Tal mit Blick auf den Haldensee vom Berg Neunerköpfle, Bild: Simon Dannhauer / shutterstock

Let your mind wander – these are the most picturesque holiday destinations in Austria

Whether culture, nature or culinary specialties – Austria has much more to offer than some might think. Get to know the most picturesque holiday destinations in Austria and plan your next trip.

The Tannheim Valley inspires connoisseurs and athletes

One valley – countless possibilities. Anyone who has ever been to the Austrian valley near the German border returns again and again. Whether you want to be pampered in one of the wellness hotels or are looking forward to your next hiking adventure, you will get your money’s worth 100 percent in the Tannheimer Tal. Hardly any other place manages to combine different factors so skilfully that all tourists feel completely comfortable.

In summer, you can take long walks through the valley and marvel at small lakes and streams. Hiking trails lead over the mountains and offer hikers breathtaking viewpoints over mountain tops and valleys.

In the winter months, the region is particularly known for its excellent ski slopes. A nature holiday can be wonderfully combined with a stay in a wellness hotel. A holiday at the wellness hotel in the Tannheimer Tal, where tradition and modernity meet, is recommended. It is a hotel that fits perfectly into the style of the region. When you enter the Sonnenhof, you immediately realize how unforgettable your stay in a wellness hotel can be. In the cold winter months, fires crackle in the fireplaces and the glow of countless candles bathes the rooms in a romantic, warm light. The rooms are cosy and modernly furnished. The high-quality panelling made of light wood stands out against the pretty flowers that stand out on small tables. The Sonnenhof’s offer is extensive and makes the connoisseur’s heart beat faster. If you are looking forward to good food, you are in good hands in the hotel’s own restaurant. Massages, pools and sauna invite you to relax and guarantee relaxation.

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The town of Admont in the heart of Austria

If you want to get a feel for the culture of Austria on your trip, you should definitely visit the city of Admont. It is home to the largest monastery library in the world, with more than 70,000 books in its huge hall. The hall, with its white walls, golden decorations and beautiful ceiling paintings , is a testament to a bygone era. When you walk through the room and look up at the sky, you feel like you’re in a fairy tale.

In addition to the library, the Benedictine monastery of Admont also includes an art museum and a natural history museum. Anyone who buys a ticket for the monastery library will receive a free guided tour. The guides are excellent and take visitors on the tour back to bygone eras. They tell of secret passages and the history of the monastery.

In Admont, culture and nature can be excellently combined. After visiting the monastery and taking a walk through the city, you can explore the surroundings. The Gesäuse National Park is located in the immediate vicinity of the city. The Enns, a beautiful tributary of the Danube, flows through it. The national park is known for its breathtaking natural scenery. If you dare to take on a challenging hike, you should definitely visit the mountain hut, which stands at over 1,700 meters above sea level. It is the highest viewpoint in the national park, which offers impressive views.

Swim and dive in the Fernsteinsee near Tyrol

Not far from the border with Germany lies the crystal-clear Fernsteinsee. It is located in the middle of an extensive nature area and belongs to Tyrol. In winter, the region invites you to take long walks through the snow-covered forest, and in summer you can even dive in the deep blue lake.

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In summer, the wooden boathouse attracts numerous visitors who rent a small rowing boat and look forward to a romantic day in the middle of the forest. In the winter months, when a layer of ice stretches over the surface of the lake, the boathouse is closed, but nature lovers still come to the small town. The snow stretches like powdered sugar over the roofs of houses and paths. The white of the snow contrasts sharply with the dark green of the fir trees that surround the lake and overgrow the mountain slopes. Austria, as you otherwise only know it from photos.

Bad Ischl still exudes the charm of the imperial era

Imperial Villa Bad Ischl
Imperial villa in Bad Ischl, Image: saiko3p / shutterstock

Although it has been a very long time since the last Emperor of Austria gave up his share of state affairs, in Bad Ischl you can still feel the unmistakable charm of this era in every alley, no matter how small. If you are a fan of Empress Sisi , you will most likely already know the beautiful imperial villa and its surroundings from the film adaptations of the Empress’s life. Part of the villa, which was once the summer residence of the imperial couple, is still inhabited today by descendants of the Austrian imperial family. Most of the castle, which is located in the middle of a spacious park, can be visited by visitors.

The Kurhaus, which was almost completely destroyed in a fire in 1965, has been renovated and rebuilt true to the original in recent years with the help of special techniques. A special highlight in Bad Ischl is without a doubt the court confectioner Zauner, who once supplied the royal family with sweet pastries. In the historic rooms of the confectionery, you can still buy the pastries that were the emperor’s favorite.

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