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Urlaub mit der ganzen Familie, Bild: Sven Hansche / shutterstock

Family holidays – 1001 possibilities!

There are many different great ways to spend a family holiday together. From flexible travel by camper van to air travel to creative holidays at home, everything is possible!

The Exotics: Flight and Cruise Ship

If parents want to go on another trip with their children, it is a good idea to shorten the active travel time by flying. Of course, waiting at the airport and checking in also takes a lot of time, but children have even more freedom of movement and games can be played that would not be possible in the car, for example. Flying with babies is of course not for everyone, but good preparation can be used to it. From a certain age of the children, however, a family holiday together is then well possible as a plane trip. Of course, the question of cost also plays a role for most people on a family holiday. Air travel – especially if it is long-distance travel – is often one of the more expensive types of travel.

Nevertheless, air travel is enjoying some popularity: In 2018, there were around 46 million flights in global aviation – and the trend is even rising. Of course, these figures do not only include holiday travel, but various studies also expect increasing numbers in civil passenger air traffic: The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), for example, expects an annual growth rate of 4.8 percent in civil passenger air traffic until 2036. So if a family wants to join this trend for a family vacation, it is actually possible to find comparatively inexpensive long-haul flights by researching. A flight from Frankfurt to Tampa with the airline Discover , for example, is an offer that is also suitable for a family holiday together. Especially for family trips, Tampa , which has a population of about 400,000, is a real public tip. For example, the Busch Gardens amusement park in northern Tampa is known for its many breakneck roller coasters.

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The “Laser Ops Xtreme Fun Center” also promises a lot of family fun: On over 3,000 square meters, you will find one of the largest laser tag arenas in Florida as well as a huge hall with numerous arcade game machines. Families who want to take it a little easier can spend a relaxing day at the centrally located Tampa Zoo . Last but not least, the legendary Disney World Resort in Orlando is just an hour and a half drive from Tampa. These many attractions, as well as the year-round pleasant climate, make Tampa an ideal destination for an eventful family vacation.

Another – albeit rather expensive – family holiday offer is a trip on a cruise ship. The advantages of this are that all destinations of the trip are already planned and everything is organized. Thus, both parents and children can sit back and enjoy. Germans in particular like to use this type of travel: in 2018, 2.2 million Germans took a cruise – and are thus at the top compared to other European countries. Comparatively, only the British made nearly as many cruises, with a value of 2 million people.

Desire for flexibility: car or camper van

If parents want to make their family holiday more flexible and adapted to the daily needs of all family members, a trip by car or a camper van makes perfect sense. Whether it’s a city trip through France, Italy, Spain, etc. or rather a road trip through your own country or neighboring countries, there is a lot to discover on a road trip.

Depending on the mood of the day, large cities such as Hamburg, Frankfurt, Vienna or Graz can be visited, or smaller, cozy towns, such as Bregenz in Vorarlberg, Gartz in the Uckermark or Murten in Switzerland, a wide variety of routes can be planned. With a coffee in the city centre, a museum with a special focus and exciting tips from locals, wonderful memories from the family holiday can be collected.

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Above all, spending the night together on a campsite, either in a bus or tent, can also be experienced beautiful moments around the campfire or with outdoor games. The closeness to nature, which is experienced in the course of sleeping in a tent, makes the family holiday an unforgettable experience, which especially children from big cities will dream of for a long time.

Relaxed and uncomplicated: Holidays at home

A family holiday at home can also be made totally interesting and pleasant. Day trips depending on your mood, joint creative projects, such as creating self-painted wall portraits, or even a craft project such as building a tree house can create great memories and make the time together with the family a high-quality one without being characterized by boredom.

Theme days, such as a “water day” with swimming at your own pool, a water fight with water balloons and spray guns or sliding on a wet and soaped tarpaulin could also be an idea for a family holiday at home. There are no limits to the creativity of parents and children!

Family vacations are therefore as diverse as the families who plan them. So it should be possible for everyone to experience something great together and fill the summer with unforgettable memories.