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Die Skulpturen Mensch am Meer, Bild: Vojtech Jirka / shutterstock

Esbjerg – What to do in 24 hours?

At around 120 kilometres away, the Danish city of Esbjerg is not far from the German city of Flensburg. You can reach Denmark’s fifth-largest city by car quite quickly from Hamburg or Cologne. If you feel like shopping and walking in the city, Esbjerg is the place for you. Because this is where the longest pedestrian zone in Denmark is located. With around 200 shops and boutiques, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste.

Of course, the Danes enjoy life as much as we do. That’s why there is no shortage of cafés and restaurants in the Kongensgade pedestrian zone. The shopping street ends in a bustling marketplace with an unexpected option for activities. So you can skate here in the middle of the city in winter. Another advantage of arriving by car is free parking. While looking at the sights of Esbjerg, you set the parking disc and leave the car in place. After all, there is more to see than the city’s shopping mile.

Places of interest in Esbjerg

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum is an interesting stop to learn about the history of the city. Here you will also find the Robbarium, which is a highlight of a Denmark holiday, especially for children. The city, which was only 150 years old, was founded with the harbour and experienced a great heyday. No less than 600 ships docked here in Esbjerg. The gas and oil deposits in the North Sea also played an important role in the city’s development. You should not miss this passage of harbor and museum on your 24-hour trip.

In the present, the city planners have done a great job. Because the shopping mile mentioned was combined with a shore leave and the harbor promenade. The city’s landmark is an oversized sculpture that was given the name “Man by the Sea”. From here you can take the ferry to the holiday island of Fanø, which is certainly worth considering, because the crossing to the island takes only 12 minutes. If you come to Esbjerg in the summer, you are also in close proximity to one of the most beautiful beaches the country has to offer. The Wadden Sea located here is part of the national park and has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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24 hours in Esbjerg

Your 24-hour trip begins at the giant sculpture “Man by the Sea”. Here is the gateway to the western part of the world. It has been set up in such a way that visitors to the city are welcomed right here. Take the chance for a breathtaking photo, because you won’t get to see such huge figures so quickly. Afterwards you will soon reach the pedestrian mile and spend the morning here. You can decide whether you want to go to one of the restaurants for lunch or choose the fishing port.

Art is very important in Esbjerg!

Kongensgade, Esbjerg
The pedestrian street Kongensgade in Esbjerg, Image: Eryk Stawinski / shutterstock

Last but not least, Esbjerg is also a city full of culture. You have already got to know the landmark. You can find more sculptures at the small park Heerups Have by the artist Henry Heerup. 20 granite sculptures have been set up here, which are also wonderful photo motifs.

Now the Music Conservatory would be a good opportunity. Here is another work of art: the clock by Thorbjørn Laustens, which combines sound and image. An art museum also belongs to the city of Esbjerg with another sculpture made of iron. The 140-square-metre mural at the University Center is particularly fascinating. Religion and faith play a role for the Danes. The Danish sculptor Robert Jacobsen, for example, decorated the church altar wall with figures made of scrap iron.

Fresh sea air

You should definitely take an hour or two to go to the beach in the suburb of Hjerting. The local bathing hotel rents out bicycles. So you can choose whether you want to relax on the beach or explore the coastline by bike instead. Maybe you are looking for a holiday home for your next holiday in Denmark. Because you will find a lot of them here. The whole district is all the better organised: holidaymakers feel very comfortable here with all the comfort and well-kept beaches including playground, toilets and gastronomic facilities.

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Hiking on the coast and the bay

Port of Esbjerg
View of Esbjerg Harbour, Image: Andie_Alpion / shutterstock

Surely you love the sea and the coast. Then don’t miss out on seeing Ho Bay on your 24-hour trip. Here you can hike on well-developed paths. The bay is already in the Wadden Sea National Park and is also home to the Myrthuegård nature experience station. You can easily reach the bay by car and leave your vehicle in the designated parking lot to get to know the part of the city on foot. However, you will have to postpone Esbjerg Golf Club to a later holiday, because there is not enough time to play a round of golf here in 24 hours.

Fish auction in Esbjerg

During the summer months, there are plenty of events taking place in Esbjerg. From the popular flea market to summer fun for children or the impressive fish auction. In July and August, the fish auction takes place every Wednesday between 11 and 11.30 a.m. Auktionsgade in Esbjerg. In just half an hour, hundreds of kilos of fish are auctioned here. An impressive experience that you should not miss in Esbjerg!

After a day trip to Esbjerg, you will return full of impressive experiences. The Danish coastal city is a successful change for a city trip to Denmark. Here you will find a perfect mix of modern city life and Danish quality of life.