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Entspannte Tage bei toller Natur in Ostfriesland verbringen, Bild: larskuse / shutterstock

East Frisia – The North Sea coast of Lower Saxony

For most people, East Frisia is mainly associated with the classic East Frisian jokes or the comedian Otto. The coastal landscape in Lower Saxony not only has its own breed of people, but above all a beautiful nature that captivates millions of visitors every year. The Frisian Wadden Sea is just one of the many sights that you should have experienced in person. Holidaymakers are not only looking for peace and quiet here, they are above all looking for a connection with nature, which can only be discovered in this way in a few parts of Germany. So what should you have seen of East Frisia?

Green paradise on the North Sea

Beach and dunes on the North Sea island of Spiekeroog.
Beach and dunes on the North Sea island of Spiekeroog, Image: Tobias Volmar / shutterstock

The East Frisia region is located in the far northwest of Germany and includes the districts of Leer, Wittmund and Aurich. Most holidaymakers are familiar with the region mainly because of the East Frisian Islands of the North Sea, but the mainland of East Frisia also has its own charm, which is so typical of the North Sea region. For almost 200 years, it has been the many spas and seaside resorts that have ensured that many Germans have spent their holidays here throughout history. The good air of the North Sea in combination with the almost untouched nature is also one of the most important reasons for many holidaymakers who are simply looking for peace and relaxation from everyday life.

The unbridled nature, which is particularly convincing with its many meadows, forests and moors, is also a popular backdrop for all those who want to have a little activity on their holiday. For many visitors, extravagant bike tours are just as much a matter of course as a hike along the beach. Long walks along the coast or through the green countryside are among the most popular activities. In addition, the region usually has a very stable climate and does not get too hot in summer or too cold in winter. In addition, there is the good air that the North Sea carries into the country and was the original reason for the success of the many spas.

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Diverse opportunities and a special culture

In addition to friends from an active holiday, East Frisia is particularly popular with families and campers. The many campsites in the region offer many opportunities for holidays with a caravan. Many of the sites are directly on the coast or at least so close that a visit to the beach can be done within a few minutes. This is certainly one of the reasons why so many families are drawn here during the holidays, who on the one hand have the beach as a place for fun and games and on the other hand can discover the special culture of East Frisia.

The fact that the breed of people in East Frisia is very special has certainly already been noticed once you have dealt with the works of Otto. The East Frisian is considered the typical North German: Calm, relaxed, at first glance a little chilly but on closer inspection very warm and above all hospitable. This can be seen on every corner, especially in the many museums, in the sights and last but not least in the many restaurants that you should definitely visit. The North German cuisine here on the coast can of course score above all with fish. But if you are looking for a break in the colder months here in East Frisia, you should definitely try the regional speciality kale.

The most beautiful sights in East Frisia

Emden scores with many historic buildings, Image: Sina Ettmer Photography / shutterstock

Many of the historic buildings of East Frisia have been preserved over time, not least because they are not only located in the cities. Many of the historic houses are remote or parts of old facilities. In the past, there were also a large number of monasteries here, but hardly any of them still exist.

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In particular, the independent city of Emden, which is 90 minutes by car from Bremen , has a large number of buildings to offer that date back to the Middle Ages. The Great Church is a real eye-catcher and is one of the oldest sacred buildings in the region. If you are already in Emden, you should of course also enjoy a view of the harbor. Along the promenade you will not only find some of the best restaurants in East Frisia, but also various museum ships that deal extensively with the topic of trade and the history of the region.

East Frisia has a long history with the nobility and so you can still find many palaces and hunting lodges of high society today. A special mention should be made here of Lütetsburg Castle. Unfortunately, it is privately owned and cannot be fully explored – but the surroundings invite you to take a walk in a great setting. If you want to find out a little more about the medieval history of the chieftains of East Frisia, you should also go to the castle district of Aurich – this is where the great dramas of local history took place.

Finally, the North Sea with its beautiful landscape needs a special mention. Whether you take a walk along the coastline or take a look at the Pilsum lighthouse, for example – the North Sea has a variety of its own magic to offer. And if you have had enough of the mainland, you can take one of the ferries and take a closer look at the East Frisian islands.