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Herbstliche Stimmung in Baden-Baden, Bild: g215 / shutterstock

Spa town with charm and culture: Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden is located on the western edge of the northern Black Forest, in the sunny southwest of Germany. The idyllic city is not only known for its numerous sights. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Baden-Baden: Wellness and culture combined with glamorous gambling

In mid-2021, Baden-Baden was added to the list of “Great Spa Towns of Europe” by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. With just over 55,000 inhabitants, the city is one of the most important health resorts in Europe.

Since ancient times, the people of Baden-Baden have known about the beneficial effects of the mineral-rich, hot thermal water, which has its origin in the soil under their feet. The townspeople’s trust in its healing power went so far that they tried to fight epidemics such as the plague by flooding their city with water. Of course, word got around.

Those who had physical ailments and had the necessary change were drawn to the spa town. As early as the 16th century, Baden-Baden welcomed several thousand spa guests per season. In the following centuries, world-class nobility also traveled there.
Together with the number of wealthy spa guests, the interest in gambling in elegant surroundings also increased. And the demand for high-quality cultural performances also increased steadily.

Baden-Baden still attracts wealthy audiences. But in contrast to earlier times, the spa town is nowadays also an attractive holiday destination for guests with a normal travel budget.

Baden-Baden: Sights in the city

Caracalla-Therme and Friedrichsbad

Holiday guests can visit two thermal baths in Baden-Baden. The Caracalla Thermal Baths offer several outdoor and indoor pools with different temperature ranges. Guests can also enjoy numerous cosmetic and wellness offers as well as an extensive sauna area. Families must note that children under the age of 7 are not allowed in the Caracalla Thermal Baths. Up to 14 years of age, stay accompanied by an adult is permitted.

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The Roman-Irish Friedrichsbad takes bathers back to bygone times at various bathing stations. Wealthy customers have the luxury of reserving their own bathroom privately.

But beware: In contrast to the stay in the Caracalla Thermal Baths, bathing in the Friedrichsbad is textile-free! In addition, entry is only allowed from the age of 14 accompanied by an adult.

Casino in the Kurhaus

Casino Baden-Baden
The Casino of Baden-Baden, Image: Sina Ettmer Photography / shutterstock

In the luxuriously furnished state rooms with their breathtaking interior design, not only professional gamblers and celebrities as well as wealthy people from all over the world get their money’s worth. Travellers who want to immerse themselves in their very own, exclusive atmosphere for a few hours can also enjoy themselves at noble gaming tables and various gambling machines.

The Grill restaurant serves top-class menus. Admission to the casino is permitted from the age of 21 upon presentation of a valid ID.

A spontaneous visit is possible, but the dress code must be observed. For a fee, appropriate men’s clothing can be purchased on site.

In the area of gambling machines, there is no obligation to wear ties and jackets. However, a well-groomed appearance is also desirable there. If you don’t want to play for money in the casino, you can pass the time a little by playing online.

Readings by top-class authors also take place on the premises of the casino.
In the “Club Bernstein” world-class DJs play. And not only gambling enthusiasts, clubbers and literature enthusiasts get their money’s worth at the Kurhaus Baden-Baden. It houses gastronomy as well as a sophisticated hall for concerts, balls and other cultural events.

Current dates can be queried via the website.

Extra tip: If you want to enjoy the overwhelming ambience of the casino without gambling, you can book a guided tour outside of gambling. Exclusive guided tours during ongoing operations can be requested for groups.

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Museums, shopping and parks

World Heritage Site Baden-Baden
Baden-Baden, Image: Sina Ettmer Photography / shutterstock

Baden-Baden offers numerous museums on a wide variety of topics, which also offer changing exhibitions. The Museum Frieder Burda, the Fabergé Museum and the State Art Gallery are just a few of them.

Tip for families with children: The little ones get their money’s worth in the Miniature World as well as in the TOCCARION Children’s Music World in the Festspielhaus.

What would a holiday be without extensive shopping! From seductive jewels to top-class luxury labels to handmade works of art, shopping enthusiasts get their money’s worth in the spa town. Admittedly, the city is known for high-priced things. However, the promenade offers attractive shops for all target groups.

Baden-Baden’s gardens and parks, such as Lichtentaler Allee, offer respite from shopping.

Extra tip: In late summer, the dahlia beds, which are in full bloom at this time of year, delight in the Lichtentaler Alle.

Baden-Baden: Excursion destinations in the area

For hiking enthusiasts, Baden-Baden is the perfect starting point for easier or challenging hikes. There is something for every taste. In the summer heat, a tour to the Geroldsau waterfalls beckons. Families hike to the game reserve, wine lovers explore the surrounding vineyards.

Only a quarter of an hour by car from Baden-Baden is Iffezheim. The town is world-famous for its legendary racecourse. In spring and autumn, the elite of horse racing meet here. Noble four-legged friends are just as fascinating as the illustrious company and the unique ambience.

Just under 60 km from Baden-Baden, Germany’s largest amusement park has its home. Europa-Park Rust offers numerous rides and shows for visitors of all ages.

Anyone visiting Baden-Baden can spontaneously leave Germany for a day. Because the city is close to the border with France. Guided or individual day trips to Alsace, for example to Strasbourg, Colmar or to the Haut-Koenigsbourg near Orschwiller, are therefore a good idea.

Animal lovers and families with children should make a detour from Baden-Baden to Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach. Here, the “Alternative Wolf and Bear Park” gives abused animals a new home.