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Blick auf die Alzette, die durch das Grund Viertel in Luxemburg, Luxemburg und das Ville Haute Quarter auf der linken Seite führt, Bild: nito / shutterstock

Discover the beauty of Luxembourg: the 10 most beautiful sights

Luxembourg, a small country in the heart of Europe, may be small, but it has an amazing variety of sights and natural beauty to offer. From historic cities to breathtaking landscapes, Luxembourg offers something special for every traveler. Let’s explore the 10 most beautiful sights of this charming country.

1. The Old Town of Luxembourg (Ville Haute)

The Old Town of Luxembourg, also known as Ville Haute, is the historic center of the capital city of Luxembourg City and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you’ll find narrow streets, impressive fortresses, and historic buildings, including Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Grand Ducal Palace.

2. Vianden Castle

Vianden Castle towers majestically above the town of the same name and is one of the most impressive castles in Europe. Its construction began in the 11th century, and the visit offers not only insights into history, but also spectacular views of the Our valley.

3. The Mullerthal (Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland)

The Mullerthal, also known as “Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland“, is a hiker’s paradise with bizarre rock formations, deep gorges and dense forests. The Mullerthal Trail is a popular hiking trail that takes you through this stunning region.

4. The Abbey of Echternach

Echternach is the oldest city in Luxembourg and is known for its abbey, which was founded in the 7th century. The basilica is an impressive example of Romanesque architecture, and the city itself is a picturesque place with a rich history.

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5. The Roman ruins in Trier

Porta Nigra
The Porta Nigra, Image: Alizada Studios / shutterstock

Although the city of Trier is located in Germany , the Roman ruins of Trier are easily accessible from Luxembourg and are well worth a visit. Here you will find impressive remains from Roman times, including the Porta Nigra and the Imperial Baths.

6. The Schiessentümpel Waterfalls

These picturesque waterfalls in the heart of the Mullerthal are a popular photo motif. They plunge through narrow rocky gorges and are surrounded by a lush forest, which creates an idyllic atmosphere.

7. Beaufort Castle

Beaufort Castle is another impressive castle in Luxembourg. It is surrounded by woods and surrounded by a magnificent park. The castle ruins and the moat are particularly charming.

8. The National Automobile Museum

For car enthusiasts, the National Automobile Museum in Diekirch is an absolute must. It houses an impressive collection of classic cars and tells the story of the automobile in Luxembourg.

9. The butterfly gardens in Grevenmacher

The butterfly gardens in Grevenmacher are an oasis of peace and beauty. Here you can experience an impressive variety of exotic butterflies in a lush tropical environment.

10. The Valley of the Seven Castles

The Valley of the Seven Castles is a picturesque valley where you can discover seven impressive castles and palaces. These historical sites offer insights into Luxembourg’s medieval history.

The beauty of Luxembourg lies not only in its rich history, but also in its breathtaking nature. Whether you want to explore historic cities or hike in the picturesque countryside, Luxembourg has something to offer for travelers of all kinds. Hit the road and discover the treasures of this small but fascinating country.