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Korfu, Bild: Cristian Balate / shutterstock

Corfu – Greece’s curvy beauty

Corfu is the second largest of the Ionian Islands and stretches over a length of about 60 kilometers off the Greek and Albanian west coasts. Even though there are comparatively more rainy days on Corfu than on other Greek islands, you hardly have to worry about rain in the high season (May-September). Dense olive tree forests, magnificent olive trees and beautiful beaches therefore invite you to spend your holidays, especially at this time of year.

Corfu – Curvy island with a varied panorama

Anyone who travels to Corfu experiences almost something like a sea voyage on land. Up and down like rough seas, the roads meander across the extraordinarily winding island. They have a wide variety of picturesque panoramas ready. Behind a ridge of hills there is sometimes a view of the Greek or Albanian mainland and then again you look at other parts of Corfu. Small roads lead into the darkness of the impressive olive tree forests and to beautiful viewpoints. In addition to olive and olive trees, kumquat trees also thrive excellently. Their citrus fruits are used to make a special liqueur that can only be sold in Corfu.

Varied sightseeing opportunities and a highlight for Sissi fans

Relaxing on a beautiful beach is just as possible in Corfu as exploring places steeped in history, practicing various water sports or watching the production of creams and oils.

Image: Oleg Voronische / shutterstock

A special attraction awaits fans of Empress Elisabeth. Between 1890 and 1892, Sissi had Achilleion Castle built. The name is due to Achilles, for whom the empress had great admiration. The Greek hero was immortalized throughout the palace building. Today there is a museum in the castle and the magnificent castle garden is also worth a visit. Mystically inclined holidaymakers are drawn to the ghost village of Paléo Períthia.

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Behind dense trees and overgrown with vines, Venetian-style houses are hidden here. The abandoned village can be explored on your own or by means of a guided tour. From Paléo Períthia, a hike to the Pantokrator is worthwhile. The mountain is the highest elevation in Corfu and offers a fantastic panorama, especially at sunset. Just outside the centre of Corfu Town, one of the island’s landmarks is waiting to be visited: the Kanoni viewpoint. From here, holidaymakers have the perfect view of Mouse Island. It is the second landmark of Corfu. It got its name because of the shape, which is reminiscent of a mouse from above.

Kerkyra, Image: Oleg Voronische / shutterstock

The bay of Agios Georgios Pagi is a paradise for divers and bathers. Crystal clear water surrounded by two mountain ranges and a great view of the sea create the best conditions for a day of swimming or diving. There are also some offers for water sports enthusiasts. Here you can perfectly combine relaxation with action. A water experience with absolute tranquility awaits you at Lake Korission. The freshwater lake is about five kilometers long and marked as a nature reserve. A place that is therefore hardly visited by tourists and promises pure relaxation. With a bit of luck, you will discover turtles or flamingos in the nature reserve.

History can be experienced in Corfu’s old town. Exploring the remains of Kerkyra is not only worthwhile for visitors interested in history, as the fortress offers a magnificent view over the city and the harbour. A detour to Patounis’ Soap Factory is also interesting. The olives of the island are processed directly into creams and oils. Every single step in the traditional production process can be followed. Last but not least, a stroll through one of the many beautiful villages such as Pelekas or Lakones should not be missed. In these places, handicrafts, products such as oil, honey or typical souvenirs are offered. Of course, all of this is ideal as a souvenir for loved ones.

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Bourdetto is Corfu’s answer to Marseille bouillabaisse

With Bourdetto, Corfu has a special fish stew on its menus that is in no way inferior to the French bouillabaisse. The fish for this speciality comes from the surrounding waters. Meat lovers should try sofrito. This is a braised beef served in white wine sauce. A lemonade without any additives is made in May: Tzizimbirra is made from water, ginger, fresh lemon juice and a little sugar.

The refreshing drink has a shelf life of only three months and was once introduced by the British. They referred to it as alcohol-free ginger beer. But real beer is also one of Corfu’s specialties. In a brewery in Arillas, “Royal Ionian” is brewed. The island beer is available in five variants. The kumquat fruit provides other delicacies in addition to the liqueur already mentioned. The islanders love them as jelly fruit, jam or directly as fruit from the tree. Corfu also has some culinary highlights in store, which is not insignificant for a successful holiday.