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Rund um Frankfurt gibt es viele Möglichkeiten zum campen, Bild: Wuttipong Potawin / shutterstock

Camping in Frankfurt: Top 10 campsites in and around Frankfurt

Vacationing with a motorhome is still very much in vogue and accordingly, many people are once again going on vacation with a motorhome this year. You don’t necessarily have to go to other countries, because there are also an incredible number of interesting regions within Germany for a varied motorhome holiday.

Although there are also regions that you might not necessarily consider typical areas for a holiday with a motorhome. This certainly applies first of all to the banking city of Frankfurt and the surrounding area. This is one of the reasons why we want to present the best 10 campsites in Frankfurt and the wider area in this article. It is also interesting at this point that you can also rent a motorhome directly in Frankfurt and there is a large selection for this at Erento. With the rented motorhome you can then also head for one of the numerous campsites nearby and spend a nice time. We now present a selection of the best campsites from our point of view.

The City Camp Frankfurt

Located in Frankfurt between the Nidda and the Urselbach, you will find Camping City Camp. From this popular campsite, you can reach the city centre in about 10 minutes by public transport and explore the sights of Frankfurt am Main . Not far away from City Camp Frankfurt there is also an outdoor swimming pool and at the campsite you can also sit comfortably in the beer garden.

The Mainkur campsite

Skyline Frankfurt
View of the skyline of Frankfurt, Image: Rudy Balasko / shutterstock

Not far from Frankfurt is also the small Mainkur campsite. This campsite is particularly popular with families and guests can also easily bring their dogs here. The Mainkur campsite offers a lot of peace and quiet and good opportunities for relaxation in beautiful nature. From here you can also quickly drive into Frankfurt and then, for example, go shopping in posh shops on the Zeil.

The Mörfelden campsite

This family-run campsite is located about 20 kilometres from the gates of Frankfurt. This allows you to quickly plunge into the lively life of Frankfurt and, on the other hand, enjoy the peace and quiet of the campsite in the middle of meadows and forests. The Mörfelden campsite takes particularly good care of its guests and has many regular guests for this reason.

The Maaraue campsite

Not in Frankfurt, but in Mainz-Kostheim, which is not too far away, you will find the Maaraue campsite. The campsite has a lot to offer its guests for their physical well-being, including a breakfast offer and a small bistro. From here, however, it is not only worth visiting the banking city, because Wiesbaden also has a lot to offer and is definitely ideal for a trip due to its proximity.

The Dreieich campsite

At a distance of about 15 minutes by motorhome, you will find a nice campsite in Dreieich in the Offenthal district. From here you can not only quickly reach the banking city of Frankfurt, but also the Odenwald is not far away and allows excursions into nature. By the way, the Odenwald is an interesting destination at any time and always offers the opportunity to hike through largely untouched nature.

The Eppstein Project

The former Taunus Camp now offers numerous terraced pitches on an area of more than 70,000 square metres under the name The Eppstein Project. From here you can not only make excursions to Frankfurt, but also go on hikes in the beautiful nature. This campsite is popular due to its location on a sunny south-facing slope, especially in the summer months.

Waldcamping Frankfurt

This special place is located southwest of Frankfurt. The campsite is located, as the name suggests, in the middle of the forest and offers many opportunities to switch off from stressful everyday life in the beautiful nature. When the weather is nice, it is also worth visiting Lake Walldorf, which is only about two kilometres away.

The Bürgel campsite

Not far from the city of Frankfurt, you can also head for the Bürgel campsite. The site is run by a private owner and thus also offers a family atmosphere for its guests. There is also a restaurant on the square, which mainly offers delicious home cooking.

The Kahl campsite

This very popular campsite is located in Kahl am Main. The site is especially popular with families who are traveling with their camper. This is no surprise, because the site is located directly on a lake and has a sandy beach with a total length of 1.5 kilometers. In the surrounding area, there are exciting excursion destinations for families with children with the Alte Fasanerie wildlife park and the Grimms-Märchen-Realm.

The Nauheim campsite

The Nauheim campsite is family-run and the owners are very happy to take care of their guests during their holiday. The Nauheim campsite is open all year round and is located on the Hegbachsee. There is also a restaurant right next to the campsite and there you can also try regional specialities, the famous Handkäs with music.