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Strände auf Samana, Bild: Rafael Martin-Gaitero / shutterstock

Samaná – Dreamlike beaches, like from a picture book

Many people only know the Caribbean from television. White beaches, crystal clear waters, palm trees as far as the eye can see and locals who embody a great attitude to life. But if you want to experience the Caribbean feeling up close, if you want to take endless walks on dazzling beaches with crystal clear water, you have to travel to the Samaná peninsula, which is located in the Dominican Republic , without ifs and buts. This place is like a paradise on earth, because it combines everything you imagine under the term “Caribbean”. But the beach and the unique panorama are by no means all that Samaná has to offer. Which excursions should you consider, what other sights are there to marvel at? What should you definitely see? We’ll be happy to tell you!

Experience humpback whales face to face

Humpback whale off the Samana Peninsula
Humpback whale off the Samana Peninsula, Image: Jenya_TarasoF / shutterstock

Surely you have been allowed to watch whales in various documentaries or films. What if you could see these giants of the seas right in front of you and observe them in their natural habitat? Admittedly, it is a reverent and at the same time overwhelming feeling. They will feel very small, even trivial in the face of these huge and majestic animals. To be more precise, these are humpback whales. The marine mammals, which weigh up to 30 tons, raise their offspring annually in the gentle waters off Samaná.

Every day you can book excursions to go out to sea with locals and then watch the impressive whales and their offspring. It is important that animal welfare is also taken into account here, because the number of excursions is deliberately limited. This ensures that the animals can enjoy sufficient peace and quiet and are not constantly besieged by tourists. In addition to this extraordinary experience, there are also wonderful panoramas to see on the excursion. If you decide to take this tour, it is best to book early, as the excursions are often fully booked. After all, who can claim to have stood a few meters next to a live whale?

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Los Haitises, the mountain landscape

The largest national park in the Dominican Republic, Los Haitises, is over 1600 km² in size and knows how to impress with many aspects. Here you will experience untouched nature in the form of caves, monstrous rock formations and pristine forests. This also expresses the residents’ striving for sustainability and environmental protection. Less and less plastic is being used, nature should be preserved and promoted in the best possible way, and species protection is also included. Incidentally, the animals also feel this, because endangered species seek their retreat here on the many karst islands. Speaking of extinct: Parts of the well-known film series “Jurassic Park” were filmed right here. So you can walk where the robbers of prehistoric times hunted in the film, what an experience! Feel nature as it should be and let yourself be sprinkled by the wondrous and mystical atmosphere.

Even more cinematic views

Cayo Levantado ,Bacardi, Samana
Cayo Levantado, known as Bacardi Island, Image: Nikolay Antonov / shutterstock

The town of Cayo Levantado became really famous through a commercial. The original name is hardly known outside the Dominican Republic, because the place is better known as Bacardi Island. Why the name was given is basically self-explanatory, because a few years ago a commercial of the beverage manufacturer was filmed there. The drink has always been associated with white beaches, clear water and the beautiful panorama.

Since the place is relatively small and yet offers everything, including a magnificent flora and fauna, it is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Cayo Levantado makes you feel like you’re on a deserted island, in an unspoiled paradise that you only know from stories. When you travel to Samaná, the inspiring Bacardi Island should never be left out, or you’ll regret it!

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Amazing waterfalls

When it rains in the Dominican Republic, it is usually short and heavy. Long rain showers with a few litres per square metre are rare here. On the Samaná peninsula, it rains even more often than in the other parts of the Caribbean. This is an explanation of why there are so many waterfalls to admire on Samaná. After a beautiful walk through the thicket of the Dominican jungle, you will reach the most magnificent of all the waterfalls on Samaná, the waterfall “Salto El Limon”. If you stand in front of it, you can watch the water tumble down from over 40 meters.

A spectacle that leaves you speechless and robs you of your words. The water bounces with such force on the ground that it has already formed a natural basin in which the water collects. A tip: you can take a wonderful dip in the pool there and enjoy and marvel at the surrounding nature. But not only Salto El Limon, but many other, albeit smaller, waterfalls adorn the landscape. Explore these breathtaking natural spectacles and learn why Samaná is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and always worth a visit.


If you want to experience a picture-perfect Caribbean atmosphere, sights like paradise and places you only know from TV, then Samaná is exactly the island you should travel to. You can expect unimagined natural spectacles, untouched places that soothe the soul and inhabitants who have the sun shining from their hearts.