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Traumurlaub auf Bermuda, Bild: PixieMe / shutterstock

Bermuda: British crown jewel in the North Atlantic

Bermuda shorts are famous all over the world for the shorts of the same name, as a tax haven and, of course, for the infamous Bermuda Triangle. However, only very few tourists have been there so far. Bermuda is an exclusive destination, isolated in the North Atlantic. The islands can be reached by plane or cruise ship. The British Overseas Territory is rather unsuitable for backpackers, campers and individual tourists. Here you will find exclusive resorts, small guesthouses, hidden hideaways with private beaches for couples and honeymooners and plenty of golf courses. Bermuda is a world of its own, a mixture of British traditions, American lifestyle and a dash of the Caribbean. The world-famous Bermuda shorts are ubiquitous and are worn by business people in everyday life to appointments or in the office. English is mostly spoken, but Portuguese and its own dialect are also widely spoken. Payment is made either with US dollars or the equivalent Bermuda dollar, otherwise all cards are accepted everywhere. By the way, with the necessary change, you can spend the vacation of your life here in the middle of paradise.

Pink sandy beaches line the coasts

Bermuda’s beaches are in a class of their own. The sand is world-famous for its small, pink coral particles. You have access to the water almost everywhere, but the south coast in particular offers an endless selection of different beaches. The most prominent is Horseshoe Bay in the district of Southampton, not far from the Southampton Princess Hotel. The panorama is breathtaking. To the left and right are rock formations that offer beautiful motifs for photography. Holidaymakers and locals mingle on the beach, because Horsehoe Bay is the hotspot par excellence. Catering and beach rentals are available directly on site and there are plenty of parking spaces available. If you like it a little quieter, walk to the end, because behind the rocks it is less crowded and all the more beautiful. If the hustle and bustle is too much for you, head to Warwick Long Bay. The beach is wide, it is often windy and the water gets deeper quickly, making it ideal conditions for passionate swimmers and snorkelers. This is the longest beach in Bermuda and of a special beauty. One of the beach classics is Elbow Beach. There is a public and a private beach that belongs to the hotel. If you are coming from Hamilton, you have a relatively short distance by moped, taxi or bus. You won’t find shade, but a soothing breeze blows.

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Very British: A game of golf in Bermuda

Golfing in Bermuda
Golfing in front of a fantastic backdrop, Image: rusty426 / shutterstock

A game of golf is good form in Bermuda. Nowhere else in the world are there more golf courses in such a small area. Golf is omnipresent, because away from the busy main roads you can see golf carts crossing the streets or listen to the tees. Even the PGA Tour has discovered Bermuda for itself and so the Port Royal Golf Course is home to the Bermuda Championship, which is endowed with 3 million US dollars. If you fly to Bermuda to play golf, you should pay attention to appropriate clothing in the clubs. Tee times can be conveniently booked through the hotel and in the off-season the green fees are also a bit cheaper than in midsummer.

Diver’s paradise in the North Atlantic

The Bermuda Islands are a well-known hotspot for divers and water sports enthusiasts from all over the world. The archipelago is surrounded by enchanting coral reefs and about 300 sunken shipwrecks. This means that Bermuda is home to by far the most wrecks on the seabed in the world. This fact alone ensures ultimate diving fun. Access is also very easy, because often you can just start from the beach to swap or snorkel. Otherwise, you can also rent a boat or join a tour and go scuba diving to one of the well-known places. In addition to corals and wrecks, it is above all the biodiversity that populates the corals. Countless fish in dazzling colours find a home here and make every tour an experience. Bermuda is therefore on the bucket list for every passionate diver.

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Cup Match Festival

Beaches Bermuda
Relaxing in Bermuda, Image: Ian Cecil Scott / shutterstock

In midsummer, everything revolves around cricket on the islands for two days, because that’s when the Cup Match Holidays take place. St. Georges in light blue and Somerset in red and dark blue always play against each other and the whole island is thrilled. Whether in front of the TV at home, in the stadium on site, at the raft-up in Mangrove Bay or even camping by the wayside with your own TV and barbecue. It’s the most exuberant party of the year and all generations join in the celebrations. It’s loud, it’s colorful, it smells wonderfully of local delicacies (beef pies, jerk chicken, fish sandwiches and much more) and music is playing everywhere. In the tents on the playground, Crown & Anchor is being played diligently. You have to experience it. But Cup Match is not only cricket, but actually Emancipation Day is celebrated, i.e. the abolition of slavery in Bermuda, which was carried out on August 1, 1834. The second holiday is Mary Prince Day. If you can, you shouldn’t miss this unique spectacle and become part of the Cup Match Festival.

Culinary highlights

If you appreciate good food, you will find it on the Bermuda Islands. Especially in the vibrant capital Hamilton, there are countless restaurants that bring the catch of the day fresh to the plates of their guests. You should definitely try the Bermuda Fish Chowder, a local fish soup that can be found almost everywhere, but also tuna and snapper can be tasted in many places. Otherwise, you can also eat Asian, Italian or American. This all has its price, but you also get a lot on offer. The traditional Sunday dish Codfish & Potatoes, consisting of cod, potatoes and bananas, is also highly recommended. The national drink is the Dark’n Stormy. The popular cocktail is served with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and Ginger Beer and tastes nowhere as delicious as here. In trendy restaurants, you should definitely reserve a table in advance. In the evening, men should always wear long trousers, for fine gastronomy you should have a tie ready.