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Über Weihnachten in Kurzurlaub, Bild: FTiare / shutterstock

Homely Christmas for two abroad

The pre-Christmas season in particular is often characterized by a certain hectic. Every year, the same considerations are made. To whom do we want to give what exactly, what do we need in the house to get through the holidays well and to be able to entertain the visitors at the same time? If so, who is coming at all? Oh yes, the Christmas tree still has to be made and where are the Christmas decorations from last year? To put it mildly, one or the other of us can be seen in a certain tension in the run-up to Christmas.

What is the obvious thing to do something completely different and simply spend the Christmas days abroad with your loved one?

Admittedly, especially in times of the pandemic , such an undertaking is not quite as easy to implement as usual. But they still exist, the opportunities to enjoy a few days abroad without any worries.

Spontaneity is required

So now you only have to pack the bare essentials in the Samsonite suitcase , don’t forget the Canada Goose jacket and off you go.

Which destination is suitable for a short trip for two?

Well, especially this year, Christmas is not at all ideal for employees. So if you really only want to travel over the holidays and can’t add any more bridge days, long-distance travel is more or less out of the way, unless you don’t want to be on the road for an excessively long time. A city tour in one of the Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden or Denmark , for example, would be a suitable way to take a little time out with your partner. A short journey, depending on the type of travel, of course, is given. At least they are ideal to reach by plane, train or car, without the need for weeks of planning in advance.

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Christmas ambience

If you like it particularly romantic and think that the Christmas season also includes the correspondingly cool temperatures, you are in good hands in countries like Denmark, Sweden or Norway . And the Nordic countries in particular celebrate the Christmas season in an extraordinarily heartfelt way. There are always interesting spots to look at in the Christmas-decorated cities and for a city tour, the clothes you bring from the Samsonite suitcase are definitely enough. And with the Canada Goose jacket you are always suitable and warmly dressed anyway.

Let yourself drift

What could be nicer than, for example, exploring a city on foot without much preparation and planning and taking in the Christmas spirit? There is always something to discover when you go through the world with your eyes open. This is also the case on a spontaneous city tour with your partner. Suddenly you are a visitor who can simply enjoy, without the duties and responsibilities. All the stress of everyday life is forgotten, for a short time there are no obligations and you can surrender completely to the moment.

Shared experiences are valuable

It is a very special experience when you can look at the richly decorated houses as a couple or enjoy the beautifully decorated Christmas trees. These are very personal moments that you experience together, that no one can take away from you and that you remember very fondly even years later.

Experience has shown that the physical recreational value after such a short trip is not necessarily given, but the value of the many new impressions is always impressive and quite beneficial. With new inspiration, you can then go back to everyday life and tackle New Year’s Eve very elated. And who knows where to celebrate the turn of the year…