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Bild Bär Panda im Wohnzimmer, Bild Myredro

Pictures with jungle – feel tropical heat at any time of the year!

Winter is a special time for travelers, especially those who don’t like cold air. Many beautiful places become inaccessible for a while – and not because of the snow cover, but mainly for safety reasons. The cold months are therefore a time when many of us dream of a little tropical warmth. What if, in addition to distant destinations, we also invited the wild jungle into our homes?

The interiors of globetrotters’ homes should be unique – just like the memories of exciting journeys. Souvenirs from all over the world need the right framing so that they are visible and put a smile on the face of everyone who has taken part in this special journey. But the arrangement can also refer to beloved places – e.g. Amazonia, which makes it not only green, but also warm!

Green frenzy

Picture Amazon rainforest in the living room, Picture: Myredro

The green color has a beneficial effect on our well-being. Above all: green reassures. That’s why we feel more rested in spring and summer! So it’s worth bringing it into the interiors – not necessarily in the form of an extravagant wall colour, but e.g. through charming accessories – pictures. The jungle that can be seen on them gives the living room or bedroom a certain wildness, mixed with simple elegance.

It is best to complement them with flowers – those that are typical of Amazonia and that also grow successfully in our pots at home! Thanks to them, the living room presents itself like a real jungle!
Canvas prints
with the motif of such exotic vegetation and with animals that like to hide in the tops of the trees make a distant journey to the sea tangible.

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Souvenirs from distant journeys look excellent on colonial furniture, but also on wicker furniture. Animals made of balsa wood, enchanting dream catchers and South American scarves that give the arrangement a holiday flair!

A bloodless safari!

An exotic holiday cannot be without attractions – this undoubtedly includes jungle animals! Pictures of these adorn every corner of the house. They can be inserted into boho and safari-style arrangements.

They can be complemented with all kinds of figures – made of metal, balsa wood or plaster, especially if they look modestly out from behind the fern flowers or a large monstera. The atmosphere of a real safari is at your fingertips – don’t hesitate to add unique memories of past trips!

Small and large Asian trips

But who says you have to go overseas and to Amazonia to feel tropical warmth? Only the jungle provides a heat that warms us on cold winter evenings? Pictures with animals can also serve as a souvenir and decoration for travel enthusiasts who love Asia!

Animals that appear in this Eastern culture perfectly complement the oriental room decoration, and the panda motif provides the desired balance! Exoticism, as we know it from India, but also from China or Japan, can be a great way to decorate the bedroom or living room, so that in these interiors we feel like we are in a hotel on the other side of the world!

Simple decorations reminiscent of beloved destinations are a great interior design motif – thanks to them, we can always feel as if we are on a real vacation. These embellishments provide a bit of a break before our next journey into the unknown…

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