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Der Hafen im Ortsteil Port de Soller, Bild: osmera.com / shutterstock

Areas in Mallorca that are ideal for relaxing

Peace, sun and the charm of Mallorca – this promises wonderful hours of relaxation on the sunny island of Spain. If you are looking for an insider tip to get to where there are lonely beaches, idyllic fincas, villas and romantic holiday homes, you should take a look at the lesser-known regions before your dream trip.

Port de Sóller in the northwest of Mallorca

Nestled in a valley full of palm trees, gardens and orange trees, where the sound of the nearby sea can be heard and the scent of lavender is in the air, the small village of Sóller enchants every visitor. Here at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains, the people still live in touch with nature and quietly. Convivial togetherness, happy laughter and simply having time for each other characterize the Mallorcans who grew up in the alleys and houses of this area. The friendly residents are happy to share their smiles with visitors and sometimes invite them over for a cup of mate tea. Those who are allowed to experience this unique hospitality will be enriched by some beautiful moments of their lives.

Harbour with a view and harmony

To get from Sóller to Port de Sóller, the ride on the wooden train is the experience. In just 14 minutes you can reach the harbour with this historic rail vehicle. If you would like to explore the charm of Mallorca on foot, it takes just under an hour to walk down to the edge of the sea. Here the masts of yachts from all over the world greet you, here the fresh wind of longing blows over the sea. Seagulls scream, fishing boats arrive and grandfathers sit on the walls, teaching their grandchildren how to fish.
The fresh breeze makes you hungry, how about a visit to one of the numerous and good fish restaurants? Here, in addition to the typical Mallorcan specialties, guests can also expect seasonal dishes in the style of the house. Popular delicacies such as caracoles a la mallorquina are served, with plenty of garlic, potatoes and mints. These Mallorcan-style snails are almost as popular as the national dish Frito mallorquin: those fried sardines, seafood and squid rings taste particularly aromatic of regionally local lime and spicy parsley.

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Beach or lounger by the pool?

In the southeastern part of Mallorca, the region around Migjorn – south of the capital Palma – the golden bay of Cala d’Or awaits its visitors with bathing pleasure, sun and sea air. If you want to get into the water here, you have the choice: the crystal clear waves of the Mediterranean Sea with its refreshing waters or the gentle rocking of the water in the pool.

Simply immerse yourself and let yourself be enchanted

Hotels with full service and comfort let you forget all stress and present themselves as balm for body and soul. The sandy beaches near the harbour are particularly popular. Here, the light yellow, gentle ground tempts you to lie down, play and go for a walk. A temptation of a different kind is to sit on a lounger on the hotel terrace and relax and let the charm of Mallorca work its magic on you. In addition, the house service brings what your heart desires: cool drinks, a snack for in between or a cup with the latest Mallorcan ice cream creation.

Sunbeds ideal for relaxing by the private pool

Away from touristy areas and heavily frequented destinations, fincas, villas or simple holiday homes in Mallorca offer peace and comfort in one. If you want to experience pure Mallorca charm and retreat completely, you should think about a villa for long-term rent. Why not leave Germany’s grey winter behind and move to the most beautiful island of the Balearic Group for six months to work from home? Here you can realize artistic ambitions, take endless walks or simply spend time on a lounger by the private pool. A large selection of sun loungers is offered by various online shops, and delivery is made to the front door. Loungers with adjustable headboards and backrests are ideal to really relax your back.

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Fincas and holiday villas in Mallorca

Finally back home to cold Germany? Many visitors to the most beautiful Balearic island want to move their center of life to Mallorca and never miss the Mallorca charm again. What is the best option? The purchase of real estate on the sunny island is worthwhile in every way. Owning your own finca or villa where there is no winter – that is the dream. Why not spend your retirement in a covered terrace, among fragrant lavender bushes and shady trees in the garden, or simply lie by the private pool?
In your own house in Mallorca, you live in special privacy, the people of the Spanish mentality respect their new neighbors and welcome them with open arms. But no one pushes himself into the lives of others. Privacy is maintained despite all the connectedness of the people. Many new Mallorcans already enjoy this advantage.


If you are interested in the island and are looking for special places, you should rent a car from Palma and look for hidden areas. For example, in the north visit the beaches of Playa de Muro or the southern calas, the bays where there is always something to discover.