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Beim Wassersport im Urlaub ein wenig Action erleben, Bild: Jacob Lund / shutterstock

Water sports on holiday

Summer holidays are there to unwind, relax, refresh and simply enjoy life. Especially at hot domiciles, where summer, sun and beach are in the foreground, one thing should not be missing, namely the cool water. What would a summer holiday be without a wonderfully refreshing dip in the sea and pool? The sun shines on your face, the clear water reflects and sparkles, what could be better? This dreamlike feeling is simply incomparable!

Of course, swimming is not just for cooling down, there are also action-packed variants that bring even more fun and add some spice to the whole thing. Find out what great water sports and opportunities there are, find out right away and be curious.

The classic: the surfboard

You probably know it from many movies: The athletes ride meter-high waves as if they were nothing and make surfing look so easy. The fact is that surfing is simply a cool and at the same time intense sport, but it requires a lot of skill. So unfortunately it is not possible to get on the board and start surfing like the kings of the waves and mastering monster waves. However, we can reassure you, because there are surf schools in many resorts that will teach you everything from scratch, without missing out on fundamental techniques and basics. In this way, you will be introduced step by step and learn how to tame the water with ease. Surfing offers speed, adrenaline and thrills. Surfing offers excitement, fun and cooling. What more does a water sport need?

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Stand-up paddling: full speed or relaxing?

SUP Holidays
Stand-up paddles are fun for the whole family, Image: EpicStockMedia / shutterstock

A more relaxed variation of surfing, stand-up paddling. In summer, all reservoirs and rivers are full of them and the holiday resorts are almost littered with them. People kneel or stand on a board and glide over the cool water. Here you can switch off perfectly and forget the time. Just lie down on the board, relax and let all your worries and thoughts run free. If you like it a little more sporty, then you can of course also step on the gas on the stand-up paddle and work out. Almost all muscle groups of the human body are used. So you have the choice between complete relaxation or complete exhaustion, it’s entirely up to you. In any case, stand-up paddling is a flexible sport that leaves all options open to you.

Snorkeling: all the beauty of the underwater world

Hardly any area of the earth is less explored than the underwater world. But you can gain impressive impressions and convince yourself of the whole, dreamlike playfulness of the creatures under water. Discover colorful fish species, colorful corals, and unusual critters like you’ve never seen before. While snorkeling, you will see things with your own eyes that you may have only known from TV before. In many holiday destinations, there are courses for snorkeling and diving and accompanied excursions. There are extra places where you can fully absorb and enjoy the experience. It’s really worth it, because here you will experience moments that you will live on for the rest of your life.

Kayaking and canoeing: a true all-rounder

On the one hand, you will get to know beautiful landscapes and untouched nature. You can switch off and let yourself be sprinkled by the flora and fauna, even experience original forests and rivers. On the other hand, a wild kayak trip also offers something for adrenaline junkies who want to give it their all and prefer a wild ride on the water. What you ultimately decide is entirely up to you. It is clear that in most holiday resorts both variants are possible and are also gladly used. Both options are clearly recommended.

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Water skiing: merciless action and incredible speed

If you love to feel the rushing wind on your face and can’t stop grinning, water skiing is the right choice for you. The adrenaline shoots through the veins, the drops of water patter down on the skin and the body is completely tense. Get down to business here! You will be pulled behind a speedboat and feel the rush of speed on your own body. When it comes to water skiing, the feeling of freedom and speed are particularly popular. Every lover of it gets their money’s worth here. Experience here how beautiful speed can be.


There are so many fantastic holiday homes and they all have one thing in common: they offer many different water sports that everyone can practice and try out. The above variants are particularly popular and offer something for every taste. Whether action, relaxation, acceleration or deceleration, everyone gets what they want. Just get a taste of the sports that appeal to you and let yourself be inspired by the variety and possibilities. Water sports on vacation are simply something that everyone should do. After all, if you don’t test it, you’ll never know how it feels and how beautiful it can be.