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Mit einer Auslandsreisekrankenversicherung optimal geschützt, Bild: janews / shutterstock

Travel health insurance – that’s why it’s important!

A trip abroad is an exciting experience. But you should think about a suitable foreign travel health insurance in advance so that the holiday does not become an expensive claim. Travel insurance is indispensable, especially for stays over a longer period of time.

But why is travel health insurance so important in the first place?

Return transport to the home country

Anyone who falls ill or suffers an accident during their journey wants to return to their home country immediately. However, the costs for repatriation to Germany can quickly rise into the four-digit range. In order to protect yourself from the extremely high costs, a contract should be chosen in which medically sensible repatriation is included in the scope of insurance. The statutory health insurance companies usually do not cover the costs, even if it is a medically necessary return transport. However, repatriation can reach existence-threatening sums, which is why you should definitely take precautions with foreign travel health insurance.

Standard rates for treatment abroad

Abroad, the rates applied by doctors for treatment often differ significantly from the usual costs for medical treatment in the home country. However, since statutory health insurance companies only cover the standard rates, everything that exceeds this amount must be paid locally out of pocket.
So if medical treatment is necessary, even if only for check-ups, it can be taken care of by travel insurance.

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Social security agreement is not enough

Anyone who is a member of a statutory health insurance company has insurance cover in countries that are part of the social agreement, but only with the benefits and conditions customary locally. However, these are quickly exceeded, so that patients have to pay additional high costs out of their own pockets. TravelSecure international health insurance offers, among other things, the protection to pay for additional costs if the covered benefits of the statutory health insurance are exceeded.

All medical services included

The advantage of international travel insurance is that it does not only serve to cover the costs of inpatient hospital stays abroad. Everyday outpatient treatments are also fully covered by the supplementary insurance. Dental treatment abroad is also covered by the insurance, some of which is not covered by statutory health insurance. This includes costs for pain-relieving dental treatments, but also simple fillings and repairs of existing dentures.

Reimbursement of costs for medication

On vacation, there is not always the danger of an accident. Even everyday illnesses can become a real burden on vacation. The most common illnesses abroad include sunburn, diarrhoea, stomach problems and food intolerances. If you have not packed enough medication in your luggage in advance or if it is running low, you must visit a doctor or pharmacy on site. However, medicines abroad can quickly exceed the conventional costs of domestic pharmacies. A foreign travel health insurance covers the costs of necessary medication in full.

Travel insurance letters for complete peace of mind

A trip should be able to be enjoyed carefree. So-called cover letters are suitable for this, similar to those for your own car. Here, however, for your own health. Travel insurance letters are a travel insurance policy that complements the already very extensive protection of foreign travel health insurance.
The TravelSecure Travel Protection Letter Corona, for example, also covers costs incurred in connection with a Corona infection. These can include costs for not participating in the trip, but also treatment abroad and repatriation if transport is refused due to the infection.

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Furthermore, travel insurance covers rebooking costs, but also costs for travel extensions due to illness or corona infections. Anyone who has to interrupt their trip prematurely due to an infection with the corona virus will be paid proportionately for the costs of the unused travel services.