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Geld sparen mit Last-Minute-Buchung, Bild: pim pic / shutterstock

Last minute holiday – what to look out for

Many people are increasingly deciding spontaneously to go on vacation or fly. Sometimes you can even make a real bargain if you rely on last minute trips. But what do you have to pay attention to if you want to fly spontaneously on holiday?

Plan early or use last minute?

While some plan their vacation a year in advance and queue up early at the travel agency, some still rely on spontaneous offers. Especially at a time when the corona pandemic made travel more difficult and travel restrictions were the order of the day, last-minute trips were all the rage, because you often had to postpone or rebook your travel plans.

If you look in travel agencies or online agencies, you will actually find the best bargains for cheap package tours far in advance. Cheap offers are often bought by tour operators a year in advance, but the cheap offers are only available to a limited extent. If gone, then gone is the motto, which is why early bookers also like to plan for the long term. But more and more travel enthusiasts are relying on more spontaneous bookings, so that the tour operators are also increasingly postponing the early bird offers to the winter of the previous year.

But if you are sure where you want to go next year, you should still not wait too long and book your summer vacation for next year early. If there are any problems, you can usually rebook or cancel the trip planned in advance free of charge.

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Be flexible

If you don’t have any plans for your next vacation yet and are flexible, you can still get a bargain on last minute trips. If the cheap offers have been gone for a long time, you can still get a good deal at short notice as a last-minute holidaymaker if you are not concerned about a specific destination, a certain hotel or high demands. Especially if you are open to offers that do not offer the high luxury, there are also some good travel offers in a timely manner.

What are the regulations in the destination country ?

Although the entry requirements in most countries have long since been overturned, of course you have to find out about the respective requirements even for a last-minute trip. There should therefore not be too little time between booking and departure, because often a lot has to be organized for the time of the vacation.

If the trip is planned abroad, the important identification documents must of course not be missing. If a passport has expired, it should be renewed before you decide to travel last minute, as the issuance of the passport can also take some time.

Refresh vaccination protection

Not only the corona vaccination is important if you want to travel. Other vaccinations can also be important, depending on which country the trip is to go to, holidaymakers should definitely make an appointment with their doctor to have their vaccination protection refreshed.

Check insurance

Anyone who likes to travel a lot should have travel insurance. However, what is covered in the respective insurance contract is often lost. Before leaving, it is therefore advisable to take a look at the policies and, if necessary, upgrade the insurance with new clauses so that you are protected against eventualities in the holiday destination.

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Tips for a small budget

If you have already saved on your trip, you can keep your holiday budget low with other tips. For example, flights during the week are cheaper than departing on weekends, all-inclusive saves expensive food in restaurants and rooms with an extra bed are cheaper than large family rooms.