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Bevor es auf die Piste geht muss man sich um die passende Ausrüstung kümmern, Bild: BearFotos / shutterstock

The right sportswear for a skiing holiday

A new year has begun. And this goes hand in hand with the high season of winter sports and the rush in the ski resorts. Sports enthusiasts cavort on the slopes and enjoy the cool air on their faces as they whiz down the mountain. Here’s how to best enjoy your days in a cold ski resort and what comes with a full set of ski equipment. Well prepared and thickly wrapped, the trip to a ski area is the most fun.

This is what you can expect on a ski holiday

Not only low temperatures, which can fall far below 0 °C, are coming your way, but also strong sunlight. In addition, you do sports and sweat accordingly. So it’s important to put together an outfit that doesn’t let you freeze and also protects you from excessive sweating.

The 5 most important features of a ski outfit

“Onion Look”: Dress in layers

It is not only an advantage that you can take off layers as needed. For example, if you want to stop at a ski hut and sit inside, you can take off your ski jacket without sitting in a T-shirt. Onion-like layering is recommended for a first layer in the form of thermal underwear, which keeps you warm and is breathable at the same time. As a second layer, a material that insulates well, such as fleece, is a good choice. The outermost layer of your outfit should primarily protect against wind and weather, so it is best to wear a jacket and pants that are waterproof and made of a robust material and thus survive a fall. You can find a great selection of sportswear at Decathlon under https://www.decathlon.ch/de/.


It’s important that your outfit is functional. This means, on the one hand, that it is adapted to the temperatures in the best possible way, and on the other hand, that it is adapted to the change of ski lift and ski slope. It is helpful if your ski jacket has a small pocket with a zipper on the sleeve, because there you can stow the ski pass and show it quickly.

Freedom of action

A lot helps a lot does not apply to ski clothing. Because the more weight you carry on your body, the more restricted you are in your movement. Skiing is a sport and requires agility. Try to keep the number of clothes small and don’t buy the dress size smaller so that it fits tighter.

Keep hands and feet warm

Right after the head, hands and feet are probably the first parts of the body that begin to freeze. So make sure to protect them from the cold. High-quality and well-fitting ski socks are essential and should have padding in the appropriate areas so as not to cause pain in the ski boots. Gloves should be waterproof and well insulated. If you tend to freeze quickly at your fingertips, it is a good idea to pull so-called inner gloves under the gloves, which offer additional thermal insulation. In addition, mittens generally keep you warm a little better. Here it depends on what you personally prefer and what you can grip with the safest way.

Borrowing instead of buying expensively

Ski equipment is expensive. Even if you don’t insist on branded clothing, you have to dig deep into your pocket for the appropriate clothing. In general, it should be emphasized that when choosing clothes, it is by no means important to buy the most expensive on the market. There are many inexpensive options, for example at Decathlon, to buy good quality ski clothing. For example, you can rent some of the ski equipment to save money and travel sustainably. The ski helmet is particularly suitable for this, as well as the outermost layer, ski pants and ski jacket if, for example, the children are still growing.

With the right sportswear, nothing stands in the way of your skiing holiday and it will keep you warm during the day on the ski slopes. Remember that the ski slope is not a fashion show and that functionality and protection from the cold are the top priorities. And if you don’t want to freeze in the evening at après-ski, you can also look around for beautiful sporty winter jackets .