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Mit den Freunden auf dem Weg zum Flughafen, Bild: DavideAngelini / shutterstock

Why the beginning of the year is perfect for short trips with the clique

At the beginning of the year, most people set new goals and embrace positive changes. For many, it is also part of the process to finally take the trip together with friends that you have talked about so often. Travelling together provides positive memories and a smile long after the holiday. In addition, the time-out is an opportunity to recharge the batteries and deepen friendships.

How about a holiday with friends this year?

Short trips with the clique are also a trend in 2024. Whether with your best friends or with the sports club – the beginning of the year is the optimal time to plan a flight together via eSky Travel . Travelling with friends or the hobby circle means variety and a lot of fun. And the best thing about it: Traveling together welds you together and creates unforgettable memories. This can be a bachelor party in Prague or a party trip to Las Vegas: The right ideas and shared experiences strengthen the bond and trust among friends. But choosing a destination can sometimes be a challenge. Different expectations and interests of all group members need to be taken into account equally: Should it be a sports holiday or rather a wellness break? Which destinations, accommodations and activities suit the preferences of the clique? The decision requires careful coordination and a willingness to compromise.

Brainstorming to the right destination

Brainstorming is a fun way to Way to collect ideas for a holiday destination. All tour participants were asked to participate in this collection of ideas in a relaxed atmosphere and name as many ideas as possible, which were noted down without criticism or comments. When brainstorming, there are no limits to the imagination, because the variety of ideas often leads to surprising and inspiring options. Once a list of potential goals or activities has been created, the ideas collected are organized by category. This helps to make the selection easier. The following suggestions are suitable as subcategories:

  • Culture
  • Holidays
  • Nature Destinations
  • Sports
  • Wellness
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Everyone decides together which ideas will be shortlisted. Budget considerations play a role here, as does the question of whether flights, hotels and full board are booked or whether a cosy holiday home with self-catering is more suitable. Participants first choose the category and then the exact destination. Everyone receives a vote or, alternatively, several sticky dots with which they can mark their favorite targets. In this way, a destination that is most appealing to the majority is quickly identified.

Activities for all tastes

Planning leisure activities also requires creativity and the ability to take into account the different interests of all group members. It is advisable to provide a balanced mix of planned and pre-booked activities and free time. This leaves enough room for spontaneous discoveries and adventures, which provide memories and exciting photo motifs. Of course, no one has to limit themselves to the popular shots of sights and nature panoramas. Selfies and the so-called groufies, i.e. selfies of groups, are particularly fun because they are spontaneous and funny. The quick and easy shots capture candid moments and natural expressions such as surprise and joy. The playful attempt to capture as many people as possible in the small display of the smartphone is guaranteed to make funny faces, crazy poses and laugh together