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Mit dem Kreuzfahrtschiff in die Karibik, Bild: Romolo Tavani / shutterstock

The Online Ship Radar

We have all experienced this situation before. Our relatives or friends have flown on vacation, while we sit at home in the rain in our own four walls and suffer from wanderlust.

You sit at home and think about what your friends are doing on vacation – and of course you don’t get an answer to it. Except: The holiday is a cruise and the holidaymakers are on the high seas.

Track ships online on the ship’s radar

website offers those who stayed at home the opportunity to follow the cruise ship’s itinerary in detail. For example, the ship’s radar can be used to accompany the ship on its journey free of charge and to determine the exact position of the ship at any time. The relatives will be amazed when, for example, they read the text message “I see you have just docked safely at the port of Bangkok” from you on your smartphone.

Has the ship reached its destination in the Indian Ocean? Screenshot: schiffsradar-online.de


Plan your own cruise

And while you’re at it: Plan your own trip right away. After a short time, you will find your way around the virtual map and can follow the itineraries of your dream ship and immerse yourself in the destinations of your upcoming holiday. From Dubai to Madagascar to the Seychelles. After exploring this beautiful archipelago, a detour to the Maldives and Sri Lanka and then travel from India back home.

With these beautiful thoughts, you will certainly no longer think about the bad weather on your doorstep.

If you are now wondering which ship is the right one for you, the page offers the possibility to get even more in-depth information about the selected cruise ship by clicking on the ship in the virtual map. From age, to the last moorings, technical specifications (height, length, weight, etc.) to the photo with which you can get an accurate picture.

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But that’s not all. In the “Cruise Consultant” section, you can also find extensive information on every major cruise ship. For example, for the entire fleets of AIDA and Tui Cruises.

That’s how you learn interesting things. Or did you know that the AIDAluna has been upgraded with an exhaust gas purification system since 2014? This plant can reduce sulphur oxide emissions by around 90 per cent – an important step towards making tourist shipping more climate-friendly.

However, if you spend most of your vacation time on the ship, entertainment should not be neglected. Here, too, the website offers detailed information: from the selection of restaurants to SPA options and excursion destinations. With this information, you are sure to make the right choice for your next cruise vacation.