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Coo-Wasserfälle, Bild: R. de Bruijn_Photography / shutterstock

The most beautiful sights in the Ardennes

The Ardennes are located in Belgium in the south of the country and are also known as the green lung of Belgium. The special thing about the Ardennes is the many river valleys, unique forests, towns and villages. In the following, various destinations in the Ardennes are described in more detail.

Coo Waterfalls

The Coo Waterfalls are located near the Belgian municipality of Stavelot on the Ambléve. For over 60 years, the falls have been a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. The special thing about this waterfall is that tourists can experience the spectacle up close. There is a staircase right next to the 15 meter waterfall. Basically, you can experience the natural spectacle up close. As a tourist, however, you should be careful as the steps can be wet.

Bastogne Museum in Bastenaken

In the Bastogne Museum, tourists can learn everything about the Battle of the Bulge from the Second World War. The Battle of the Bulge took place in 1944 towards the end of the war. The special thing about this museum is that tourists can experience the past from four different perspectives, paratroopers from the USA, a German lieutenant, a Belgian resistance fighter and a 13-year-old girl. It is a varied journey into the past with moving film footage and stories and active experience spaces. The War Museum in Bastenaken is worth a visit. Even people who are less interested in history will get their money’s worth here.

La Roche-en-Ardenne

La Roche-en-Ardenne
La Roche-en-Ardenne, Image: Sergey Dzyuba / shutterstock

La Roche-en-Ardenne is one of the most popular cities in the Ardennes. The city is located on the Ourthe and impresses with magnificent and magnificent ruins and castles. The medieval castle of Chateu Féodal is located on a hill above the town. There is an old well, an old prison and defensive towers that were used to defend the city. Today, a unique bird show takes place in the castle. Evening tours are also offered. Tourists are then guided through the old castle and ruins with torches. It takes you back in time, so to speak. In addition to the castles, ruins and the river, La Roche has a beautiful old town with various restaurants and shopping opportunities.

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The Ardennes is home to some of the best breweries in the country. After a long hike between the river valleys, mountains and forests, tourists can enjoy one of the many cold beers in the breweries. In the Ardennes you will find various café terraces where you can enjoy a delicious Belgian beer. You can also visit one of the many local breweries and book a guided tour including tasting.

One of the most famous breweries is located in Achouffe (La Chouffe Brewery). Another well-known brewery is the Brasserie in Bellevaux (Liège).

Han-sur-Lesse Caves

Han Sur Lesse Caves
Han Sur Lesse Caves, Image: Twin Design / shutterstock

The Han-sur-Lesse Caves are the largest stalactite caves in all of Europe. They were formed a long time ago by limestone deposits and the river Lesse. The special thing about the caves is that you travel through the caves on an old railway. Normal guides can also be booked. So you can explore the unique and beautiful underground world. There are also various restaurants near the caves that invite you to linger.

Tomb of the giant in Bouillon

There are many beautiful viewpoints in the Ardennes. One of these unique viewpoints is the Botassart. From here, tourists have a unique view of the site ”Tomb of the Giant”. From the viewpoint you can see a large rocky hill on a small island. The river Semois flows around the rock. According to legend, a Gallic giant is buried there, who was killed by a centurion of Labienus.

L’Eau d’Heure Lakes

In the Ardennes you will find many lakes and rivers. The Eau d’Heure Lakes are located between Hainaut and Namur (provinces). The l’Eau d’Heure includes five lakes. The lakes offer holidaymakers various leisure activities and water sports. There are so-called deep-sea courses here, where holidaymakers can explore the underwater world and dive. Other activities include sailing, kayaking, surfing, jet skiing and kite surfing. On Lake Féronval, for example, there are: A water tow lift that can be used to pull tourists across the water.

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The l’Eau d’Heure are a perfect place for diving, sailing and surfing lovers. In addition to the beautiful lakes, various hiking trails and forests invite you to explore and hike.

Eupen Dam

The dam is located near the city of Eupen. The dam is over 60 meters high and offers tourists a unique view of the lake on one side and the Langesthal on the other. Various hiking tours start from here, in which the beautiful surrounding forests can be explored. In the middle of the dam there is a panoramic restaurant with a view of the valley and the lake. There are many holiday homes nearby. In addition, Eupen is a German-speaking region and very popular with many German tourists.

Aquascope by Virelles

This area is a huge nature reserve. Here, tourists can go on various hikes in the forests and admire the unique flora and fauna. In addition to numerous rivers, lakes and valleys, various restaurants and pubs invite you to linger. Here, tourists can enjoy traditional Belgian dishes and the unique nature.