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Korsika bietet Abwechslung: vom erholsamen Strandurlaub bis zu ausgedehnten Wanderungen, Bild: Andrew Mayovskyy / shutterstock

The most beautiful places to visit in Corsica

The French island of Corsica is one of the most beautiful insider tips that the Mediterranean has to offer. Located between the French and Italian coasts, it is a bit overshadowed by Sardinia and Sicily, which are also visited by holidaymakers. Corsica not only has a variety of historical sights to offer, but also an impressive nature that attracts with numerous interesting excursion destinations. The island doesn’t look that big at first glance, but if you want to see the most beautiful destinations in Corsica , you should plan a few days to make sure you don’t miss anything.

1. Bonifacio

Apart from the capital, which of course should get its own attention, it is above all the medieval town of Bonifacio that you should have seen when visiting the island. Built on a headland, the city with its historic core still stands on the impressive limestone cliff. With 40 historical sights, all of which are under monument protection, you really get a deep insight into life on the island in the Middle Ages. If you can’t get enough of it, you could also board one of the excursion boats after a hike through the city. The view of the city from the sea offers a magic of its own.

2. Monte Cinto

Monte Cinto is the highest mountain on the island and rises around 2,700 meters in the massif of the same name. There are several ways to approach this impressive mountain on the island. In addition to guided tours, which usually do not lead to the top, the area has become the most popular destination in Corsica, especially for hikers and climbers. Those who dare the adventure of climbing can not only discover many historical elements along the way, but will also be rewarded with a view over the island that is absolutely unique. However, it is recommended that you have a bit of experience, as the area is not very developed for tourism and there is therefore little help for the adventure.

3. Ajaccio

Ajaccio, Corsica
The island’s capital Ajaccio, Image: Evannovostro / shutterstock

The capital of Corsica is entirely under the influence of the island’s most famous son: Napoleon. This is where he grew up and where he made his first political and military experiences. During his reign, he bestowed a lot of good things on Ajaccio and the city thanks him to this day. Apart from beautiful streets lined with palm trees, there are many historic buildings and museums to discover here. Actually, you are also everywhere in the shadow of Napoleon, who greets you with statues or pictures. If you want to experience this important part of Corsican history for yourself, you will also be rewarded with a beautiful harbour, from which many excursion boats to the rest of the island also start.

4. Fango Valley

The Fango Valley is a wonderful contrast to the mountain massifs that can be found especially in the heart of the island. Here, too, one or the other curious rock formation can be discovered, but all in all it is above all the green lung of the island. Waterfalls, rivers, small ponds and a not infrequently evergreen landscape entice you to take a long hike. There are very different holidaymakers who discover the magic of this region. In addition to hikers who might want to experience a little day of swimming in the heart of the island, there are also climbers who meet on the more rustic parts of the route and climb up the rocks to have a great view of the valley below.

5. Genoese Towers

One of the most impressive historical sights of the island extends over the entire coastal area. The so-called Genoese Towers were built in the Middle Ages by the protected state of Genoa in an attempt to combat the increasing plague of pirates on the coasts of Corsica. Many of the towers have been preserved to this day and have a view of each other. Of the once 150 towers, about 60 are still preserved today and around 35 are in a condition in which they can be visited. But the ruins are also worth a look, as they often lead to more remote parts of the island and can therefore be easily combined with a hike or climbing tour.

6. Corte

The third city that you should definitely have seen when visiting Corsica is Corte. In contrast to Ajaccio or Bonifacio, this is less about the historic core – which still exists – but about the pulsating life in the city. With the only university on the island, you are automatically an attraction for a young crowd and there is a lot to do here, especially at night. In addition, there are good restaurants and one or two sights from the eventful last centuries on the island.

7. Palombaggia Beach

Palombaggia Beach Corsica
Palombaggia beach, Image: Alexandre G. ROSA / shutterstock

The beach of Palombaggia has the reputation of being the most beautiful piece of sand on the coast of Corsica for a reason. Especially with the backdrop of the red rocks that stand everywhere on the edge, you have the opportunity to spend a great day at the sea and just enjoy the sun. In addition, the path is well developed in this direction and many tours lead to the beach. If you just want to relax for a day after the many hikes and discoveries, you will have the best opportunity to do so here and also have a long and great view of the sea