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Inselhopping in Thailand, Bild: Try Media / shutterstock

Thailand – the timeless courtesy in a magical country

In Thailand, past and present mix to create an interesting and fascinating cocktail for holidaymakers. This region in Southeast Asia has retained a mysterious charm, and many a long-distance traveler who has often landed at the airport of the lively metropolis of Bangkok believes that the smiling politeness of the people in the realm of his majesty will probably survive all time. Here, the guest is what he likes to be most in all countries: king! Thailand has many faces. Exotic beaches ideal for lounging or dreaming. The hidden monasteries in the mountains of Chiang Mai, islands full of melancholy in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea and the deep green of the jungle.

Thailand Sea and Beach
Image: Iakov Kalinin / shutterstock

And in many regions of Thailand, the rainforest begins on the doorstep of the hotel or resort. The palm trees sway in a gentle breeze on the beaches, orchids bloom in the well-kept gardens, and bananas grow on the mighty perennials with their large leaves. Khao Yai National Park is an almost magical place with one of the most extensive rainforest areas on the Asian continent. The Khao Khiau towers over the undulating green landscape with its 1350 meters, and if you move through the jungle on the narrow paths accompanied by experienced rangers, you will meet leopards, tigers, wild dogs, civets and, of course, many monkeys and birds.

Khao Yai is just one of a total of 95 national parks and protected areas in Thailand. In Khao Sok, on the highway from Phuket to Surat Thani, the largest flower in the world, the Rafflesia, grows between limestone cliffs with a flower diameter of almost one meter. On the border with Malaysia stretches a marine national park: Ko Tarutao. These are exactly 51 almost exclusively uninhabited islands – one more beautiful than the other. They line up like pearls on a string in the Andaman Sea and are home to the sea nomads who leave their houses on stilts all their lives only to fish on the sea.

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View of Bangkok, Image: Drone Thailand / shutterstock

If you are in Bangkok for a few days and have gradually gotten used to the traffic on the streets, you should definitely go to the National Museum. It is the largest in Southeast Asia and is housed in a palace of the former viceroy. A visit is like a journey through the history of Thailand.

There’s no question about it: Bangkok is a juggernaut and yet this city is a fascinating experience for most visitors. With the “Floating Gardens”, the golden pagodas and an impressive residence of the king. The statues of the Buddha are just as much a part of the image of this beautiful country as the monks in their saffron-yellow cloaks. The people of Thailand draw strength from the encounter with the images of Gautama. Spirituality and religiosity shape everyone’s lives.

Thailand is the traditional “land of the free” and it is about the size of France with a 2,500-kilometer stretch of coastline. It is an Eldorado for water sports enthusiasts and a highlight of international tourism. Guests are welcomed by their hosts with folded hands in front of their faces, and those who know the customs there should refrain from shaking hands and leave it at a slight bow. And one thing should definitely be taken to heart: The head is considered the seat of the soul and must never be touched.

Travel information Thailand

Capital Bangkok
Form of government Hereditary Monarchy
Military government (under constitutional monarchy)
Currency Baht (THB)
Area approx. 513,115 km²
Population approx. 67,959,359 (2015)
Languages Thai
Electricity grid 220 volts, 50 Hz
Area code +66
Time zone UTC+7
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