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Der Hafen im Ortsteil Port de Soller, Bild: osmera.com / shutterstock

Sóller – Valley of Gold

In the “Valley of Gold” lies the small town of Sóller in the northwest on the island of Mallorca. With its approximately 13,000 inhabitants on an area of about 43km², this place is certainly not one of the largest, but it is difficult to surpass in beauty.

Extensive orange plantations round off the natural look of Sóller and provide a colourful change from the lush greenery of the small town. You might think that the name “Valley of Gold” is due to the oranges, but after a short research it was clear that liquid gold was extracted from the olive groves at that time, which can only be seen sporadically today.

After this short historical digression, we turn our full attention back to the sights of the small town idyll.

What to see in Sóller

Sóller is located 3 kilometres inland from the coast, but with the district of Port de Sóller it offers direct access to the Mediterranean Sea. The small harbour town offers a beautiful view of the water and shines in full splendour, especially at dusk. The numerous restaurants and bars invite you to a cozy dinner with friends and offer a fantastic view of the setting sun off Mallorca’s coasts.

Tram, Sóller
Old tram in Sóller, Image: Karol Kozlowski / shutterstock

In the centre of Sóller, culture fans will get their money’s worth. The church of Sant Bartomeu is located in the heart of the city, in the Plaza Constitutión, where life also takes place. Even from the outside, Sant Bartomeu impresses with extraordinary architecture and imposing details. But the interior of the church also has a lot of attention to detail and is definitely worth a tour. There is also a beautiful permanent exhibition in the Plaza Constitutión, where not only local artists are exhibited, but also heavyweights such as Kandinsky or Picasso. You can also visit the Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences or enjoy the flora and fauna of the Jordí Botànic, a garden with many plant species just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre towards the harbour.

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Shopping & Dining in Sóller

Church of Sant Bortomeu, Soller
The church of Sant Bortomeu, Image: schoppino / shutterstock

But if you prefer to come to Sóller for shopping or a leisurely meal with friends, you will not be disappointed. Around the Plaza Constitutión there are lots of bars and restaurants. Cute cafés invite you to relax in a cozy atmosphere. Of course, the range of designer shops here is not as large as on Palma, for example, but you should plan your day trip on a Saturday. Saturday is market day in Sóller. The square is teeming with locals and tourists interested in shopping. Retailers offer all kinds of goods, such as sought-after designer fashion. Hand-painted furniture or self-made textiles can be found here in abundance. A perfect souvenir and memento for home.

Athletes or hobby hikers can also let off steam here. The GR221 long-distance hiking trail or dry stone route leads through the town and the harbour and thus offers a perfect alternative to culture and the hustle and bustle of Sóller for beginners as well as experienced hikers or mountain bikers. Guided hikes can also be booked for little money.

There are not many hotels in the beautiful small town, but there are enough. There, however, the selection is surprisingly large. Both small holiday apartments in country house style and modern, stylish apartments are part of Sóller’s repertoire.

As an insider tip, you should definitely visit the ice cream restaurant Sa Fábrica de Gelats . There you will find delicious ice cream with many different, extraordinary flavors. In general, you can rely on the regional products here. Due to the many orange plantations, it is obvious that there is also excellent orange juice and all kinds of products of the delicious fruit. So support the regional entrepreneurs and take a jar of jam home with you.

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In conclusion, Sóller can only be recommended. Whether for a longer period of time or for a day trip on your next Mallorca holiday. This small but fine town offers everything your travel heart desires and will not disappoint you.