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Sehenswürdigkeiten in Amsterdam, Bild: leoks / shutterstock

Short trip to Amsterdam – insider tips for your next city trip

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear to what extent large holiday trips will be possible again in the coming summer. It is therefore worthwhile to plan spontaneously. City trips are particularly suitable for this, because you can see and experience a lot in a short time. Along with London, Paris and Rome, Amsterdam is one of the top destinations for city trips in Europe – no wonder, because the Dutch metropolis has a lot to offer visitors.

These are the must-see sights

What do you have to see in Amsterdam? If you want to explore Amsterdam, you should of course choose a few hotspots to visit before the trip. The best activities are packed with the most beautiful places the city has to offer. These are our favorites:

  • the wonderful city centre near the train station
  • The Anne Frank House
  • the picturesque canals and bridges
  • the Red Light District

Away from the tourist destinations

It is worth checking out these sights, because they are simply part of it. But many travel enthusiasts are also looking for destinations that are off the beaten track.

In Amsterdam, the flea market at the Waterlooplein is particularly recommended. There, nostalgics can browse through vintage items and cool designs from Monday to Saturday. If you don’t want to buy typical souvenirs such as magnets for friends, you are sure to find unique souvenirs there.

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If you want to admire the canals in peace, you can visit the two man-made islands Prinseneiland and Realeneiland. These are considered less touristy and offer pure Amsterdam flair.

A shopping spree through the 9 Straatjes is also a hit. The small side streets are bursting with unique and loving boutiques. If you don’t want to shop, you can simply enjoy the ambience of the picturesque houses from the 17th century.

Intoxicatingly good activities

The headline already reveals what we are getting at. Amsterdam without a visit to the coffee shop is like never having been to Amsterdam. Of course, you don’t have to smoke a joint, but you should still experience the atmosphere once. The hustle and bustle in the most popular coffee shops will remain in your memory forever.

If you don’t want to go to coffee shops on principle, you can also get a taste of the Trippy World far away from marijuana consumption. Small hostels such as St. Christopher’s Inn near the train station or The Bulldog Hotel pick up on the scene and give even the most sober visitors insights into the world of intoxication.

Artists have turned the hotel rooms into works of art that become real cinema after a joint. But even when sober, the exciting design elements and paintings are absolutely fascinating.

And so the visit rightly ranks among the 15 best things to do in Amsterdam after Zamnesia.

Sundays in Amsterdam – what you can do

Tulips Amsterdam Netherlands
A beautiful sea of tulips in the middle of Amsterdam

In the Netherlands, too, things are rather quiet on Sundays. Nevertheless, most museums are open, as are the coffee shops. After getting up, you can pass the time in one of the beautiful restaurants on the canals with a hearty English breakfast. Likewise, some smaller markets in hip neighborhoods are open on Sundays – including, for example, the one in the Jordaan district, which connoisseurs call the SoHo of Amsterdam. If you are mobile, you can also go to the beach on Sundays – it is not far away. Within about 40 minutes, you can then unwind on the Dutch coast. In this way, the short city trip can be combined with a beach holiday.

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Tips for rainy days

Amsterdam – what to do when it rains? You must have imagined your city trip to be more beautiful. In the sunshine, “fietsen” along the canals, i.e. cycling, or simply strolling through the city. Unfortunately, the weather in the northern metropolis does not always play along.

But museums help to experience something even in the worst weather. The National Art Gallery or the Van Gogh Museum are among the must-sees, but time also flies at the EYE Film Museum. If you like sports, you might even be able to attend a game of the famous Ajax Amsterdam in the stadium of the same name. Although the arena cannot be assigned to the secret corners of Amsterdam, a visit to a football match there is one of the real insider tips. The arena can be reached by bus or train with a dry head.