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Ksamil, ein wundervoller Badeort in Albanien, Bild: Andrew Angelov / shutterstock

Ksamil – Caribbean flair on the Albanian Riviera


Bathing bays with picturesque jetties, crystal-clear turquoise water and bright white sandy beaches with a view of green islets, that’s what holidaymakers will find in the seaside resort of Ksamil on the Ionian Sea. The beach on the Albanian Riviera is one of the most beautiful in the country. If you come to the region for the first time, you will quickly be captivated by the beauty of the area.

From the beach, the view falls on four offshore islands, two of which are only 100 meters away from the beach. Holidaymakers can reach the undeveloped islands by swimming or rent a paddle boat to explore the typical Mediterranean vegetation on the small islands, which are part of Albania’s natural monuments. Rustic holm oaks, elms, laurel and myrrh green the small rock formations and in the crystal-clear sea water, seagrass is home to the mussel. The protected mussel species is one of the largest mussels in the world.

Beach holiday in Ksamil

In addition to the well-developed beach area in the village of Ksamil, there are countless other beaches and small bays in the area. Especially in the high season, the larger beaches are very busy and the shore areas with their restaurants and boat rentals are well used. Those who prefer it a little quieter can use the undeveloped bathing bays, which can often only be reached via a small footpath from the road. Good footwear is absolutely necessary on the sloping scree paths through the rocky landscape. The short hike is rewarded by lonely bays with bright white sand and cobalt blue water. On the horizon, the skyline of Corfu is a reminder of its proximity to Greece.

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Charming excursions in the surrounding area

Saint-George Monastery in Ksamil, Albania
Saint-George Monastery in Ksamil, Image: lindasky76 / shutterstock

Just 40 km away is Syri i Kaltër, a spectacular karst spring also known as “The Blue Eye”. Surrounded by light sandstone, the water rises to the surface from the dark depths at high pressure and shows itself in impressive shades of blue in the sunlight. The area around the spring with its impressive tree population is a nature reserve. The blue eye is a unique natural spectacle that beguiles the senses in its entirety. There is a restaurant on site, which invites you to linger afterwards.

The ruined town of Butrint is located in the Butrint National Park. The journey time by car is 15 minutes. In Ksamil, day trips by bus can be booked or you can opt for a hike through the hilly, olive tree-covered landscape to the ruined city. The sprawling ancient port city dating back to the 8th century BC was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.

A brochure is available at the entrance that provides basic explanations of the sights. The history and architecture have been impressively shaped by different cultures over the centuries. Butrint has been fiercely fought over again and again in the course of its history and the testimonies of Greek and Roman times as well as Ottoman and Venetian times can be traced in the complex. Visitors will find ruins of townhouses, theaters, churches, temples, and military installations. There is an archaeological museum on the site that displays special finds.

Also in the national park is the Bronze Age fortress Kalivo on an 81-meter-high hill with a beautiful view of Lake Butrint and the surrounding area.

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In recent years, a lot of money has been invested in tourism. In addition to small hotels in the village, there are also privately run guesthouses and room rentals. The former fishing villages and rural settlements are well adapted to tourism. For many residents, renting out rooms is an important source of income.

Albanian hospitality

Sunset Ksamil
Image: sabiel shena / shutterstock

Holidaymakers will meet helpful and friendly people in Albania . Communication works well, even if foreign languages are usually not understood outside the tourist areas. English and some German are spoken in the holiday areas. Albanians who do not speak a foreign language are very eager to make themselves understood, so shopping and directions are rarely a problem.

The prices in the gastronomy are very reasonable for German holidaymakers. A tip of 10% is customary. In many places, it is now possible to pay cash with euros. In general, however, it is cheaper to choose to pay in the local currency.

Getting to Ksmail

The most convenient way is to fly from Germany to the Albanian capital Tirana and rent a car there. By car, the journey to the seaside resort takes 5 hours. Alternatively, a one-hour journey by ferry from Corfu to Saranda is possible. From Saranda to Ksamil it is 17 km by bus or taxi at very affordable prices.

The best time to travel

The Mediterranean climate prevails in the south of Albania. The hot summer months with little precipitation bring an average daily temperature of 32 °C. The best time to visit is the low season from May to June and October. During this time it is pleasantly warm and the beaches are not as crowded as in the high season.

Webcam Ksamil

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