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Ein atemberaubender Blick auf Antigua: Shirley Heights, Bild: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

Exotic flair of the Caribbean: Antigua and Barbuda

The election and advertising slogan of the island state of Antigua and Barbuda could also serve as a program for a successful vacation: “Experience it to believe it”. Without a doubt, it is a special experience to experience one of the fascinating sunsets on these so-called “Leeward Islands”. Some of the 365 beaches between the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean shimmer pink.

About a hundred thousand people populate Antigua and Barbuda, and if you want to get closer to the joie de vivre of the locals, you should be there during the carnival times. On ten summer days and nights, an entire country celebrates and dances to the Caribbean sounds. For the most part, the inhabitants of the two islands have African roots, and their lightness of being is very quickly transferred to their guests from all over the world.

Antiqua Beach
Idyllic tropical darkwood beach in Antigua island in Caribbean seas with white sand, turquoise ocean water and blue sky, Image: BlueOrange Studio / shutterstock

Spain’s legendary navigator Christopher Columbus indirectly gave Antigua its name. The mortal remains of the explorer are located at the Puerta de la Lonja in the huge cathedral of Seville. But in Columbus’ time, this was still a small chapel called Santa Maria La Antigua. This is where the name of the beautiful Caribbean island comes from.

Saint John’s is the capital and metropolis at the same time. This is a lively trading hub and a photogenic motif for holidaymakers at the old harbour. In the 18th century, the city was of great importance as a base for England’s royal fleet in the Antilles. Today, sugar, rum and cotton are exported here. Large sailing yachts can be admired in English Harbour Bay and Falmouth Harbour.

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British Fort James Antigua
British Fort James was built to guard St. John’s Harbour in Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean , Image: Lindasj22 /shutterstock

If you are looking for a sporting challenge on the romantic islands, you will find it on a “zipline tour”. Under the guidance and supervision of experienced rangers, you can move over suspension bridges and from tree to tree like the legendary Tarzan once did. This is a treat for all those who are unfamiliar with a fear of heights. However, the wide range of water sports on Antigua and its little sister Barbuda is particularly popular with holidaymakers. The sea is warm and the stylish and luxurious hotel complexes and resorts are almost exclusively within sight of the white beaches.

In the restaurants, the fruits of the sea reach the tables, and hardly anyone can escape the magic of the exotic nights in Antigua and Barbuda. Some hotels impress with an interesting animation program, others have dedicated themselves to health and beauty therapy with their wellness area. Trips inland include Betty’s Hope, the last functioning sugarcane windmill in the Caribbean.

Travel information Antigua and Barbuda

Capital Saint John’s
Form of government Constitutional-parliamentary monarchy
Currency Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
Area approx. 442 km²
Antigua: 281 km²
Barbuda: 161 km²
Population approx. 94,700 (as of 2017)
Languages English
Electricity grid 230 volts and 60Hz
Area code +1 (268)
Time zone UTC -4