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Sandstrand von Lara, Bild: ThomasJe / shutterstock

Lara – New Tourist Center of Turkey

The Antalya region in Turkey is probably one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the immediate vicinity of Germany. In a few hours by plane, you are not only in another culture, but in an area full of beautiful beaches, sights and opportunities for relaxation. While Side, for example, has already made a name for itself, the name Lara in particular has recently appeared again and again. As part of the city of Antalya, an insider tip for holidays in this part of Turkey has developed in recent years. With a large number of new and sometimes luxurious hotels, you have a good basis for an exciting trip.

Remote district with beautiful sandy beach

Lara in Turkey
View of Lara, Image: fotopanorama360 / shutterstock

It is almost a bit surprising that Lara officially belongs to the city of Antalya , after all, it is a good 15 kilometers from the city center. The district has developed especially in the last twenty years. While Lara was known in the beginning mainly for very low prices on the Turkish Riviera, today there is a great infrastructure with hotels in various price ranges. A good base for visitors has also recently developed, from a variety of restaurants and cafes to a small shopping center, where you can pass the time on vacation.

The real magic of Lara does not come from the many new hotels and buildings, but above all from the beautiful nature in which you can enjoy your holiday here. Above all, the kilometre-long sandy beach invites you to linger and offers just the right basis for relaxation and fun in the sea. With the newly developed paths and the many small parks that have been created around the hotels, you always move a bit in the countryside and you can just tell Lara that the district in this form is actually only a few years old and has fully adapted to the well-being of the tourists of Antalya.

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Sights and recommended excursions for your holiday in Lara

Hadrian's Gate in Antalya
Hadrian’s Gate in Antalya, Image: IgorKR / shutterstock

Lara itself is perfect for planning a holiday with relaxation but also excursions in the immediate region due to its location. Antalya is of course the first place you should have seen. Both with private transfers, which are offered by most hotels, and by bus, you can be in the center of Antalya within a very short time, which is actually not as big as you imagine. Antalya is a small city in comparison, but it certainly has its history. Especially the impressive harbor should be visited – here you will also find some very good restaurants, which have quite reasonable prices for being in a hotspot for tourists.

Whether it’s the Hidirlik Tower or Hadrian’s Gate – the traces of the Romans can still be found in the city today. Above all, however, the old town is just right for a stroll through the narrow streets, where you can look at some of the beautiful old houses and go to one of the bazaars. Of course, you should not miss this when visiting Turkey. Countless goods of all kinds are offered here and haggling over the price is quite welcome. Above all, you should try some of the fresh fruits, which always taste a little sweeter on holiday.

A visit to the ruins in Side should also be planned. Here you can admire how the former cultures have settled this stretch of land long before the Middle Ages and thus the awakening began in Europe. It is not for nothing that Antalya is one of the cradles of humanity and it was here that the foray of many successful cultures began, the traces of which can still be found everywhere in Europe today.

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If you like it a bit more modern, there are many options not only in Antalya, but also in the immediate vicinity of Lara. On the long sandy beach, there are numerous activities in and around the water. In addition, there are a wide variety of amusement parks and water parks for families or swimmers, which have adapted to tourists and offer a great offer. Lara is still growing and more and more shops can be found again, its own bazaar has already been found and today you don’t have to go to Antalya anymore if you want to experience a great shopping or a nice evening.

Soak up the culture of the region

If you decide to spend a holiday in Lara, Side or simply in the Antalya region in general, you should take the chance to let the culture of this unique region work its magic on you. A visit to a bazaar is only part of it, but it is especially worth exploring the coast, a visit to the many small coastal villages and towns that are not yet geared towards tourists. Here you will find some of the best restaurants with great prices and the local cuisine. Together with the various ancient ruins that can be found everywhere in the region, it is worthwhile to rent a car, for example, to simply explore Antalya on your own and discover new things that cannot be found in the travel guide.