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Hurghada, Bild: ERainbow / shutterstock

Hurghada – the beach pearl of Egypt on the Red Sea

The port city of Hurghada is one of the most popular holiday destinations for German tourists for a reason. It welcomes its visitors with a wide range of recreational opportunities and exciting excursion destinations. Off the coast there are excellent diving and snorkeling areas and you get the opportunity to swim with dolphins.

About 160,000 people live in Hurghada itself, but in summer this number increases considerably due to the many holidaymakers. Due to Hurghada’s geographical location, the climate is warm all year round, the best time to visit is in spring and autumn. From Germany , a flight to this Egyptian holiday paradise takes about 4 hours. To enter Egypt , the authorities require a valid visa, which can be obtained at the airport, as well as a return ticket. It is about a 15-minute drive from the airport to the city centre, but most visitors are drawn to the large resort hotels in and around Hurghada on the “Egyptian Riviera” anyway.

The most beautiful beaches in Hurghada

The beautiful beaches of Hurghada are the destination of thousands of holidaymakers every year in search of sun, sand and relaxation. You can choose between a variety of different beach sections. The Sheraton Beach directly in Hurghada is one of the most famous beaches in the region and slopes gently and gently into the sea. There are umbrellas and sunbeds for rent at any time and especially families with children will love this beach.

Not far from the Sheraton Beach is Mahmya Beach, which is a bit smaller and quieter. Here, too, there are loungers and umbrellas for rent, as well as a volleyball court and a football field. Here you can also take a boat to Mahmya Island, where snorkelers and divers can expect a beautiful underwater world.

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Hurghada Beach
Hurghada offers fantastic beach sections, Image: Iren Key / shutterstock

For water sports enthusiasts and holidaymakers looking for action, Magawish Beach offers a colourful selection of activities. From pedal boats to jet skis and surfboards, you can rent every water toy your heart desires. There are also offers for kitesurfing and banana boating. Magawish Beach can be easily reached by taxi or public bus.

You can also end the evening in Hurghada in a dignified and relaxing way on the beach. A particularly nice beach bar for this can be found at Boho Beach. If you prefer to party and dance, Dreams Beach is the place to be, where parties take place every night.

The top sights in Hurghada

Until a few years ago, Hurghada was little more than a fishing village on the Red Sea. Since then, a lot has changed, hotels have been built and the city has grown rapidly in size. In some corners, however, visitors can still experience the original Hurghada.

In the “Dahar” district, or the city center, visitors can still find a piece of the original Hurghada. Between historic buildings such as monasteries, mosques and churches, there are cafes, shops and restaurants and a hustle and bustle on the streets. The best way to explore this part of the city is on foot in the early evening. Then the Souk Hurghadas, the market district, really comes alive. Here you can buy everything your heart desires from colorful stalls – from handmade souvenirs to fruits and traditional clothing. When it comes to price, however, you should be prepared for tough negotiations, because Egyptian traders love to haggle over price.

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Aldahaar Mosque
Aldahaar Mosque, Image: Tunatura / shutterstock

One of the most famous buildings in Hurghada is the Aldahaar Mosque. You can see their minarets towering high into the sky from some distance above the city. In the evening, the building’s white façade glows in the warm red of the sunset, at which time of year a visit is particularly worthwhile.

Not far from the city’s real harbour is the marina called “Marina”. Its harbour promenade invites visitors to walk and stroll. There are souvenir shops and a handful of restaurants. In general, it is a bit quieter than in the other, more touristy parts of the city, but in the evening the Marina promenade comes alive with countless clubs and bars.