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Den Kindern die Welt zwigen, Bild: Aris-Tect Group / shutterstock

Flipping the globe with children not only on the stand

The children’s adventure world is open to all adventures, whether at home or during holiday experiences. With good preparation and not too many excursion requests, they will get to know new cultures and lots of holiday fun everywhere. Around the world, her horizons expand with beautiful experiences that shape her cosmopolitan character throughout her life.

Children’s adventures right on Germany’s doorstep

Of course, children prefer to be constantly on the move from an early age. In order not to overwhelm them physically and mentally, it is advisable to start your journey along the globe on your own doorstep. Germany is a small pearl in Europe in terms of landscape and tourism. But the same applies to travel in your own country: the first-aid kit comes with you. Important emergency medicine for known and unknown eventualities are remedies for nausea and diarrhea, insect and wound ointments, sensible sun protection and bandages plus auxiliary tools. The vaccination status should be checked by the paediatrician for the next vaccination and refreshed if necessary. Preliminary research on pharmacies at the holiday destination saves later emergencies if something important has not ended up in the suitcase.

North German holiday pearls and children’s paradises

Fantastic beach in Langeoog
Fantastic beach in Langeoog, Image: Doris Oberfrank-List / shutterstock

The Wadden Sea off the North German islands has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. Some of the islands are completely car-free. On Langeoog with its water tower, children can let off steam carefree between dunes, willow flowers and a sandy beach. Seal sightings, mini golf or playhouse leave not a second for boredom. The young holiday guests go on a journey through time on a trip to the island of Juist. Just to the mudflats, to the nearest restaurant or back to the holiday apartment is possible after tiring holiday adventures comfortably by horse-drawn carriage anywhere on the island. Baltrum offers the same nostalgic carriage service. The guaranteed favourite toy on Spiekeroog for avid island explorers is the handcart. No car, but a children’s playhouse, island railway and adventure playgrounds make every day a child’s adventure.

Central German adventure ideas for young and old explorers

Many small farms in Saxony are well prepared for the visit of families with children. Play areas, contact with the animals of the farm, insights into the production of food make many a little explorer’s mouth open. Participation is expressly allowed in pottery, baking and other farm traditions. Children immerse themselves completely in medieval fairy tale worlds during holidays in Saxony-Anhalt’s small town with its half-timbered alleys, mini-museums and ice cream vans. Nature lovers in particular will get their money’s worth in the sparsely populated state with the Harz Mountains, paddling tours on the Elbe or Salle and on bike tours along the Elbe terraces. As the green heart of Germany, Thuringia attracts summer visitors from more northern Germany to the densely forested mountain regions. Christmas tree decorations in Lauscha, hiking on the treetop path in Hainichen or listening to Elvish sounds in the Saalfeld fairy grottoes make Thuringia holidays unforgettable.

Southern German mountains only for the winter holidays?

In terms of landscape, mountains such as the Allgäu or the Alps predominate in southern Germany. But families with children are not only drawn to Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg or Hesse for a skiing holiday. A top spectacle in spring, for example, is the annual St. John’s bonfire on the numerous rocky outcrops of Franconian Switzerland near Pegnitz and Pottenstein. In Hesse, children and parents can let off steam to their heart’s content in five amusement parks, for example at the fair attractions in the Taunus Wunderland or the Steinau Adventure Park. Turbulent fun in Baden-Württemberg is offered by the Europapark in Rust. Nature lovers will find themselves in a blossom dream on the island of Mainau. Even the youngest holiday guests can slow down wonderfully here for a while.

European travel for family fun

Children with some long-distance travel experience feel sufficiently comfortable even during longer journeys or flights. To be on the safe side, a remedy for motion sickness from the first-aid kit for children can prevent complaints. The countries further south in Europe are top destinations for leisure desires between playful, fairytale and shrouded in legend. Tourism providers in the travel destinations also come up with extras such as tree houses, noble country house villas or hobbit hills for overnight stays.

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Italy between mountains, sun and attractions

Lake Como
Lake Como, Image: Rebell / shutterstock

Sunscreen for children and remedies for insect bites are essential in the first-aid kit for a trip to Italy. But this is not necessary at all on a lake holiday to Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore or other lake pearls of northern Italy. At the very bottom, at the tip of the Italian boot on the globe, lies Puglia with real, whitewashed Smurf houses as holiday accommodation. Active families are hiking in the Dolomites (Italian South Tyrol) in magnificent scenery even in the cooler seasons. During an ascent to the permitted access routes to Etna and Vesuvius, even the wildest chatterboxes become silent with awe.

Testimonies of the Greek culture of the gods

The White Tower of Thessaloniki
The White Tower of Thessaloniki, Image: k_samurkas / shutterstock

What attracts even the most stubborn couch potatoes to the holidays? Greece, of course, the land of Olympic myth, gods and demigods and almost every one of the Greek islands because of the spectacular natural spectacles. If you feel like family bathing, you will find shallow sea accesses on white sandy beaches in Greece, which are specially declared for toddlers and non-swimmers. In the cooler seasons from September onwards, it is better to climb up to the Acropolis or through the impressive gorges of the Greek islands. Even the youngest holidaymakers will certainly enjoy a ride on the Tsaf Tsuf (tourist train) in Thessaloniki. Parents have to take good care of their young explorers in the quaint, old alleys of Nafplio in the Peloponnese.

France with Day Trip to Disneyland Paris

Children probably don’t know what to do with oyster slurping and truffles on breakfast eggs. However, they are much more willing to embark on a holiday in Monaco with accommodation in vintage factories, castles or castle rooms. Practically all French tourist locations along the Atlantic coast combine sightseeing, water sports and day trips with a day at a Mickey Club. Children up to the age of 14 can let off steam to their heart’s content here. Meanwhile, parents can relax on the beach, surf or indulge in other water sports. Of course, France wouldn’t be complete without a visit to glamorous Disneyland Paris.

Secret Asia at your fingertips for the whole family

The first contact with Asians in one of the holiday countries is an immersion in a completely unknown culture for children. The very nature of the melodic language and the strong importance of gestures do not correspond at all to her previous short life experience. Whether the journey is to the roof of the world or along the ancient Silk Roads – fresh vaccination protection against tropical diseases common there must be carried out by the paediatrician at least six weeks before the start of the trip. Ointments and sprays against insect bites, sun protection and cold teas are essential for the often rainy weather and then many insects in the first-aid kit for Asia.

Malaysia – deep-rooted cultural tradition meets modern progress

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, Image: Patrick Photo / shutterstock

Rainforest and children? This goes well together if the hike leads along designated paths through Taman Negara and Belum. Older children are welcome to go on their first snorkeling tours with their parents to coral reefs off the many islands off Malaysia. Boat tours on Lake Kenyir or along the Merang River feel like something out of a fantasy movie. Tired or not – strength and curiosity are still enough for a cave tour in the north of the country or magical fishing villages with access and passage on a bicycle rickshaw. The accompanying children in the Iban longhouse are quite sure that they are in Borneo with Mowgli in the middle of his Jungle Book.

Foreign Distance Mongolia

Younger children certainly don’t know much more than the Gobi Desert, Marco Polo’s travel reports and perhaps a story about the campfire in front of yurts camps. The rugged nature is also more suitable for holiday plans for older schoolchildren and teenagers. For babies and toddlers, guided tours with experienced tour operators are recommended. On site, living in a yurt camp is the first experience with the Mongolian way of life, which has been preserved to this day. Dino excavations, hikes through the Vulture Gorge and a day with the nomadic families give exciting insights into a little-discussed and described region on the globe. On the other hand, the Mongolian Przewalski wild horses are world-famous, showing themselves here in their natural, wild environment.

Sri Lanka – Land of Temples and Endangered Wildlife

Their belief in Buddhism, which predominates here, makes the locals in Sri Lanka avowed animal rights activists. For children, the encounter with the animal welfare organizations and their wild protégés can be a life-shaping experience for appreciation for all life. Safaris through the Wilpattu, Yala or Udawalawa National Parks are just as exciting as a climbing tour on the Lion Rock or a train ride through the country’s many wide tea plantations. Relaxation for children and adults is offered by the beaches on the Indian Ocean. Young children and non-swimmers are well catered for on the beaches, while active older children and parents can snorkel to their heart’s content.

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Fire and flame on the African continent

Exotic climatic conditions, exotic animal encounters and often unfamiliar regional cuisine require good planning for the first-aid kit with gastrointestinal remedies, insect repellent and quick fever reducers. In any case, vaccination against tropical diseases common there, mostly transmitted by insects, is mandatory. For some, the vaccination six weeks before the start of the trip is sufficient, others must be carried out by the pediatrician three months before. Well equipped and full of curiosity, the long-distance journey to the African continent gives an insight into survival skills under extreme conditions and several cultures at the same time.

Oriental culture frenzy in Morocco

Morocco, Sahara
With the camel through the Sahara in Morocco, Image: Vixit / shutterstock

Scheherazade could not tell 1001 fairy tales more beautifully than children can experience with their own eyes on vacation in Morocco. Children are preferred by Moroccans, regardless of their age or origin. As a travel destination for adults, it is considered safe and therefore offers many opportunities to experience cities and nature as well as the country and its people up close. Beach as far as the eye can see and shallow access to the sea are suitable for sunny days on the beach of Agadir, even for the youngest travel kids with swim diapers. A camel ride by M’Hamid El Ghizlane through the dunes of the Sahara with the desert-experienced and prudent nomads will be unforgettable. Overnight stay in the nomad camp brings visitors close to the traditional way of life.

Discover the island worlds of Mauritius with children

Finally, children in Mauritius get to know exotic fruits such as mango and papaya in real life. Fauna and flora are extremely rarely dangerous or poisonous throughout the country, and the multicultural population is fond of children and helpful. Strangers do not necessarily have to understand the vernacular Morisyn – hands and feet are also accepted for funny communication. Small children are in good hands in the turquoise waters with shallow drops into the sea and under shady palm trees with sunscreen from the first-aid kit in the bays of La Cuvette Beach or at Péreybère. The old corridors of the well-preserved colonial villas with lovingly decorated, authentic children’s rooms and social rooms provide an insight into children’s life during the colonial era.

Multicultural South Africa between savannahs and vibrant cities

For a trip to South Africa, children should be a little older and adults should follow the safety recommendations of the Federal Foreign Office before traveling. But then guided safaris through South African national parks are an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. Certainly, the young explorers only know the world-famous “Big Five” (wild animals elephant, buffalo, leopard, rhinoceros and lion) from TV or zoos. Johannesburg and Cape Town are ideal for sightseeing, typical village roundels and wooden houses on stilts adventurous accommodation offers. For fun days in between, theme parks such as Gold Reef City (Johannesburg), Ratanga Junction (Milnerton) or Sun City (Gauteng) are top destinations.

Destinations for families in America and Australia

Industrial America and urban Australia may still seem familiar to young explorers. The vastness beyond the big cities, on the other hand , they usually only know from the filmed, safe bird’s eye view or from show-strong movies. Depending on the destination, vaccinations and the first-aid kit should be coordinated with the instructions of the paediatrician and the respective Foreign Office in good time. There may also be special regulations for medications that must be observed, for example, when prescribed long-term medication.

American style beyond the fast food chains and glitter casinos

America is more than the USA and Las Vegas, fast food and Wild West nostalgia. The continent also includes countries such as Barbados, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Argentina. A total of 35 nations offer family holidays between old traditions, modern art of living, cultural exotics and quite unusual accommodation offers in the jungle or treetops, urban architecture or rural flair on ranches and farms.

Experience Australia’s wilderness and endearing urban beauty

Half a lap on the globe in the living room, then the children’s fingers have landed on the red continent of Australia. In the true dimension of a family trip, children absorb the distant magic of the country well during an overnight stay in wild camping. This type of overnight stay is allowed wherever signs do not expressly prescribe otherwise. The Jourame Falls near South Mission Beach are spectacular. On free hikes through designated safe natural regions, encounters with kangaroos, turtles or even monitor lizards are possible, and on some beach visits even sightings of dolphin schools close to the coast.

Planning a trip with your finger on the globe promises children limitless adventures. For direct long-distance travel, all continents offer exciting things between mountains, sea, cultures and human encounters. In addition to a carefully packed first-aid kit, it is important to inform the paediatrician and the Federal Foreign Office in good time about prescribed vaccinations and the authorisation to take prescription medication with you at least three months before the start of the trip.