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Nach der Reise ein individuelles Fotobuch erstellen, Bild: grass-lifeisgood / shutterstock

An individual book for every trip

Individual books are the perfect gift idea – for friends, family or even for yourself! And if you are really good at photography, writing and know how to do it, you can even market your book professionally.

Create a book

If you are looking for a beautiful and creative memento for your travels, you will find everything you could wish for in a photo book. Book covers as desired, texts that you write yourself or copied from the Internet (but this is only allowed if you don’t sell it!) and the self-shot photos combined with professional shots (here, too, copyright must be observed when selling!)


Hardcover books with glossy covers are great for illustrated books. Many tourists now use SLR cameras when they travel.

If there are a particularly large number of beautiful landscape shots, then you can bundle them according to themes – desert, sea, mountains, forest? Such shots can be used to create an excellent panorama photo book. City trips are also very popular and also offer many great photo motifs for illustrated books. Here, too, thematic collections can be created: capitals of Europe, museums in German cities or cities of famous personalities.

Individual travel documentaries

A journey without a diary is like a book without a story. A travel diary is a personal record of the experiences, observations and thoughts during a trip. It helps us to preserve our memories of the beautiful moments and remember the places we have visited.

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Even though there are many ways to share our travels online these days, there is something very special about recording our experiences in a travel diary and enriching it with your own photos. It is a contemporary document that will always remind us of the beautiful moments of our travels and will also inspire others for such a trip.

During a trip, there is often no time for detailed texts. Daily bullet points help to be able to reconstruct experiences later. The advantage of designing the book later is that there is also room for tickets or special finds. In addition, the formulations can be fine-tuned so that they sound really nice.

Revival Tours – On the road with your own book

If you indulge in beautiful memories, you will also feel like revival tours. Walk in the footsteps of the youth once again or simply see what has changed on site.

There are always special situations in life in which this form of travel takes on its own relevance. Bereavements, for example, encourage you to go on your honeymoon again and remember. Even for groups, such memory books can be invaluable. For example, it is possible to move class reunions to places where the best class trips were spent. Or a club that has achieved great things, e.g. as a fourth-division team in the Bundesliga to knock a first division team out of the cup, has a club chronicle in such a document and the revival trips to the stadium of the other club can keep club life going and motivate young players to persevere, even if the club is in a crisis at the moment.

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Conclusion: There are enough reasons for an individual travel book. Everyone has at least one. So to work, which in this case is even pleasure. If the book is sold, copyright must be observed.