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Onlinecasinos sind auch im Urlaub sehr beliebt, Bild: Marko Aliaksandr / shutterstock

Finding a reputable online casino in Germany for your vacation – Our top 3

Finally vacation! No alarm clock to give the starting signal to get up and work, no deadline pressure and finally do what you want! For many people, vacation time automatically means travel time. Where this journey leads, however, varies greatly. It can mean a faraway holiday resort, but also a reputable online casino Germany. In the second case, the goal is only a few clicks away.

Short trip, more vacation time

Stays in online casinos as a holiday activity are on the rise, because there is a sustainable and irrefutable advantage. This is that it is an incredibly flexible hobby that can be practiced almost anytime and anywhere. You don’t necessarily have to wait for the few days off of the year to take little time out to play. So you can also start doing it alongside your job and everyday routine.

But even cheaper to start is without question the holiday season. Finally, you can start something new without feeling all this time pressure on your neck. This post is a mini-guide with some tips for (future) casino players. In the first part, there will be general tips, while in the second part, the promised top 3 online casinos will be presented.

Part 1: General information about registering in online casinos

In the best case, an online casino should be a virtual feel-good place to which you will be happy to return again and again. There are a lot of offers, so it’s worth comparing. There are also some basic things to consider. If you inform yourself in advance and choose your online casino well, you will have fun beyond the vacation days and can get that certain vacation feeling on the monitor or on the screen of your smartphone.

Before you travel…

First of all, something very basic about casino registration should be addressed here. It is common knowledge that gambling is only allowed from the age of 18. Probably every layman knows that. But what not everyone knows, because it is not always immediately obvious due to the global network: It plays a role in which country the player is and in which country the casino is located. The background is licensing.

In a nutshell, the facts can be summarized as follows:

  • Gambling is legal in Germany and Austria , as long as the provider holds a European gambling license
  • Licensed online casinos usually only unlock their platforms for the countries where they are allowed
  • The bonus offers are also aimed at residents of the country where it is legal to play on the platform in question
  • Countries are often geo-blocked so that it is immediately clear that customers from certain countries are not allowed to play on the site

It is precisely from these facts that a problem can arise if a player residing in Germany wants to register in a casino while he is on vacation abroad. Sometimes attempts are made to circumvent the country restriction with VPN. However, the simpler solution would be to register while you are still in Germany – i.e. before the start of your trip.

Consider time difference when traveling

There is one more detail to consider when traveling. This is true at least if you go to a different time zone. Anyone who is out and about in casinos in everyday life will probably acquire a gaming rhythm. Some even claim that they win more easily during certain times. Whether this is true or simply subjective perception, many casino players firmly claim that there is a best time for online casinos. If you follow this thesis, you should definitely take the time differences into account and adjust the playing times along the way.

Part 2: The Best Online Casinos for Holidays

The above should be enough to give you some specific food for thought for casino games on holiday. Basically, however, it should be more about the fact that an online casino should not only be suitable for holidays, but rather suitable for everyday use. It is advisable to choose a casino site that promises long-term fun and satisfaction. There is a crucial catch to a holiday. It’s always over way too fast!

The top 3 casinos that are now mentioned have many qualities to offer. The goal is that the user can treat himself to a mini-vacation in the form of exciting and funny games every day. Every successful gaming session is like a short trip for the soul, even if it only lasts 10 minutes!

1. The Verde Casino

Verde Casino is currently the number 1 platform. It is suitable for players who like to spend their holidays in the countryside. This color prevails on the young casino site and fits perfectly with the fresh content and game ideas. The highlight of the casino is the slot machines, but the game collection also has a lot to offer. There is live gaming, a wheel of fortune and great tournaments where extra prizes are raffled.

Newcomers are greeted with extensive bonus offers. The German-speaking and extremely friendly customer service is available to help players via live chat. This way, a feeling of home arises even when you are actually far away because you are on a holiday trip.

2. The Ice Casino

The name of the Ice Casino is reminiscent of a winter holiday. Except for the cool design of the site, however, there is no sign of coldness at all. The complete opposite is true! It’s worth mentioning the hot slots, which are also in the spotlight at this casino. But there are also plenty of casino classics to be found, as well as even keno and bingo! At the sight of the welcome offers, new players’ hearts are warmed anyway.

Of course, the entire package can also be taken on vacation, because the Ice Casino is an excellent mobile casino. An app download is not required. There is so much more to say about the casino, but in a nutshell, you can say: “Just to melt away”.

3. Vulkan Vegas

The number 3 best casino at the moment is a casino that lives up to its name. Volcano Vegas bubbles and bubbles like a volcano. Instead of lava, however, the player is faced with a flood of bonus promotions. This makes it even more fun to explore the site, which is absolutely mobile-friendly.

Holidaymakers can get ready for action when they try out the slots and other games one by one and play for free or for real money. So why wait until your holiday when you can start right away?