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Mit einer internationalen Krankenversicherung auch im Ausland abgesichert sein, Bild: rfranca / shutterstock

What are the benefits of international health insurance?

For a stay abroad, tourists should not neglect their health care, whether it is a holiday by the sea or a business trip. A longer stay abroad requires the right insurance, a classic international health insurance is no longer sufficient. If you want to protect yourself comprehensively for emergencies abroad, you need a suitable health insurance policy with an international scope.

International Healthcare – Profit for a Large Customer Base

Insurance companies adapt their tariffs to the conditions abroad and offer interested parties all-round insurance cover for their stay abroad. The main beneficiaries include:

  • Work & Traveler
  • Digital nomads
  • Emigrants and
  • Au pairs

from the globally valid health insurance. International insurance cover is suitable for anyone who stays abroad for more than three months, as it is valid for an unlimited period of time.

Permanent health insurance coverage

A typical international health insurance only protects customers for a certain period of time, such as the duration of a holiday. If you want to protect yourself for longer, you would have to extend or renew the contract regularly, because providers only interpret the tariffs for the right to a fixed duration. Often, customers are only allowed to enjoy insurance cover for a maximum period of five years, usually even less.

If you are planning to stay in another country for several months or permanently, you should consider international healthcare. This applies from the outset in principle for an unlimited period of time and protects in numerous cases.

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Comprehensive insurance coverage

Ordinary international insurance restricts the duration and scope of the insurance cover and thus limits the customer’s ability to travel abroad. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of accidents or illness, it is worthwhile to take out health insurance that is effective worldwide, it works in most countries of the world and offers comprehensive insurance coverage.

The basic benefits of this special insurance include, for example, vaccinations, dentures and pregnancy. For those who want to spend several years or a lifetime abroad, international health insurance offers individual tariffs with supplementary benefits that increase the scope of insurance. The protection applies in all countries included in the tariff.

Medical care, also at home

The possibility of receiving medical care in your home country is a matter of course with international health insurance. Therefore, customers can be treated where they settle, if desired also during a visit to Germany. Many people prefer treatment in a particular practice and, thanks to international health care, can also put themselves in the familiar hands of local doctors.

Separate health insurance, especially for medical treatment in Germany, is not necessary, which saves customers money and bureaucracy. For those who no longer live in Germany, the legal obligation to take out health insurance ends and those affected must seek an appropriate alternative for their stay abroad. In this case, providers of international health insurance get ahead of the interested parties and offer the possibility of concluding the contract in the desired country.

Global health insurance – can be taken out locally

The trip abroad needs to be well planned and arranged, also when it comes to health insurance. Before the start of the trip, those affected must take out travel insurance so that they are entitled to insurance cover abroad. With global health insurance, providers allow the contract to be concluded flexibly if the customer wants it, even in the destination country. As a result, insured persons benefit from all the advantages of international healthcare. Of course, interested parties also ask themselves the question of costs: Under certain conditions, insured persons are entitled to the tariff at low prices.

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International health insurance, with price advantage

Insurance companies offer numerous services that not every customer needs equally. If you only include selected services in the tariff, you save money, because: More services mean more costs. Alternatively, insured persons choose a contract with a high deductible in order to only have to pay a low premium.