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Bild: faube.com

FAUBE – a travel blog for world explorers and the curious

Travelling means freedom, thirst for knowledge and courage. A spot in the sun, by the sea or in deep snow, depending on personal preference.

Manja and Marcel, both 26, have exchanged the dark university basement for a trip around the world for almost a year. Manja loves writing, Marcel loves creating websites, and so they decided without further ado to start their own travel blog www.faube.com . There you will not only find comprehensive tips on the planning, costs and organization of a trip around the world, but also interesting facts and reports on the most beautiful countries and cities in the world.

World Travel and Travel: Unforgettable Adventures

The dream of the two is to make the world accessible to everyone – from anywhere. Travelling means discovering new things. To get to know yourself from a different side, to bring out new character traits. Be brave and consciously take a different direction. Not to choose the stop that promises a “wonderful view”, but one later (just as beautiful view, but much less hustle and bustle). A trip and especially a trip around the world means starting every morning with anticipation of the new day. Insights into different cultures, exploring distant countries, getting to know people from all over the world. When you travel, you will never return poorer – your adventure makes you richer in motivation, acceptance, a blossoming love of life. The world is so diverse, captivates with unique landscapes, fascinating cities and lovely people, you would love to get to know every spot. That’s what Manja and Marcel are trying to do and would like to share the story with you – they will also be happy to help you realize your own dream trip.

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Insights into the world trip

Image: faube.com

Seeing the peculiarities of this world with their own eyes has always been a dream that the two of them are fulfilling in stages. They have already been allowed to go on three big trips, and on their return they were always asked: “So, how was it?” A question that requires more than just words to answer.

On this trip around the world, they experienced so much: stone deities in centuries-old pagodas and Balinese magic in Indonesia>Indonesia. Artistic temples with a rich history on Thailand’s islands. Multiculture and authentic cuisine in Singapore’s hawker centres and on the streets of the city-state. Endless expanses and breathtaking landscapes in Canada and the USA. Dazzling autumn colours and fascinating culture in Japan.

Friendly, helpful people with beaming faces and exciting stories – everywhere. Memories that they were happy to take home with them and would like to share with you.

FAUBE – what to expect

(Long-term) travel is Manja and Marcel’s passion. Maybe yours too? On the website, they answer important questions about the planning, organization and costs of a trip around the world, for example: How much does a trip around the world cost? How do you plan a trip around the world? Which countries should I travel to and what do I need for it?

You will also find valuable tips on travelling in general, including comprehensive packing lists for your holiday and guides for the most beautiful destinations in our beautiful world. Let yourself be inspired, motivated and supported and read together with Manja and Marcel about the most beautiful countries and places. Travelling means broadening your horizons – come with us!