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Übernachtung im Baumhaus-Hotel, Bild: Jon Chica / shutterstock

Extraordinary accommodation options – Simply special

Ready for a holiday but not in the mood for an ordinary hotel? Fortunately, the world has more to offer. Whether tree house, yurt or circus wagon, there is a lot to discover. Here comes a portion of travel inspiration!

Unique accommodations for unforgettable trips – more options than you think

A nice hotel is a fine thing. But who really remembers it afterwards? Especially if you travel more often, all hotel stays somehow merge with each other. A hotel is just a hotel: relatively interchangeable. Unusual accommodation options, on the other hand, remain in the memory for a long time. After all, you rarely sleep in a unique accommodation. This list shows what is possible worldwide:

  • Treehouse
  • Railway carriage
  • Houseboat
  • Igloo
  • Yurt
  • Lighthouse
  • Lock
  • Tiny House on Wheels
  • Teepee
  • Trullo (Italian Round House)
  • Wine cask
  • Windmill

So there are many options that are a great alternative to normal hotels or holiday apartments. In addition to the types of accommodation mentioned, there are of course many more. One thing they all have in common, however, is that they are definitely anything but normal and are definitely a special experience.

High in the treetops: Spend the night in treehouse hotels

Sleeping in the tree house is a unique experience. You are in the middle of nature, can experience the animal world from a completely different perspective and feel the wind in the treetops up close. Representatives of the most beautiful treehouse hotels can be found on practically every continent. If you prefer a cooler climate, you will find beautiful tree houses in the forests of Sweden. For friends of warm temperatures, there are tree houses in the South American rainforest or on the Southeast Asian island of Bali. And anyone who thinks that tree houses are spartan is mistaken. There are now really luxurious treehouse hotels and treehouse villas. In some cases, even entire complexes in which several tree houses are connected.

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Like the nomads: sleeping in the yurt

Trullo House
Overnight stay in the trulli house, Image: Balate Dorin / shutterstock

Traditionally, the yurt is a round tent-like building used by the nomads in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. It has enough space for the whole family, a fire pit or stove, and regular beds. In the meantime, there are yurts offered as accommodation worldwide. The unique accommodations are often located in national parks or in the middle of nature. For example, in the USA, New Zealand or Chilean Patagonia.

Not just for water lovers: holidays on a houseboat

Houseboats connect many with Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Of course, the canals of the popular capital or the Dutch canals can be explored with a houseboat . But a houseboat can also be a good alternative to a classic hotel if it is firmly anchored. Then, after an exciting day at the holiday destination, you can fall asleep in an unforgettable way with light rocking movements and the sounds of water. By the way, there are places to stay on a houseboat not only in the Netherlands.

Like the miller used to do: Spend the night in the mill

Mills are historical buildings that used to exist in practically every village. Grain, flaxseed or coffee were ground, but sawmills also existed in the past. In some places, the buildings have fallen into disrepair. In numerous places, the old watermills or windmills have fortunately been preserved, renovated and converted into overnight accommodation. There are numerous mills in Germany – from Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany to Bavaria and from the Eifel to Upper Lusatia. They have often been restored by monument enthusiasts in such a way that they have retained their old charm and still offer overnight guests a lot of modern comfort.

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Conclusion – Sometimes it can be something special

Fancy a unique accommodation? On die-besten-hotels.net there are extraordinary places to stay, whether near or far. Especially in Germany, the unusual accommodations are perfect for weekend and short trips to leave the stressful everyday life behind and recharge your batteries.