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Kleingruppe auf dem Tortuguero River in Costa Rica, Bild: Marco Lissoni / shutterstock

Experience the real Central America with a small-group tour

There is so much to see and experience in Central America that it is difficult to plan the itinerary yourself. Because if you don’t know your way around, you might miss some of the most beautiful sights. But even the usual group tours by bus are not a solution, because they usually only visit well-known tourist attractions. An alternative is travel in small groups. They also usually lead to places that are away from the tourist crowds. It’s not just more tranquil there. Visitors from abroad are also welcomed here as guests and not as a pure source of income. This enables personal encounters with the people of the country, many of whom still pursue a traditional way of life that has long since disappeared in the tourist hotspots. Small group tours are therefore a good way to experience Central America in an authentic way.

What are the advantages of a small group trip?

Group tour Central America
Getting to know Central America in a group, Image: Dmitry Molchanov / shutterstock

On a round trip in a small group, participants benefit from the expertise and experience of the organizers. On the one hand, they know what expectations and demands their customers have of the travel experience. On the other hand, they also know the conditions in the destination country as well as the Culture of the hosts. In this way, they can ensure that the trip runs smoothly and that relaxation and comfort are not neglected. In addition, the tour guides know many hidden sights and insider tips that remain hidden from most tourists. Compared to a larger tour group, small groups offer an intimate atmosphere that allows participants to get to know each other better.

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What is included in small group tours?

Another advantage of small group travel is the cost. They are often lower compared to an individual trip. Flights, accommodation and numerous activities are already included in the price. The cost of tour guides and rental vehicles is shared and therefore less significant. Travelers also have to plan less money for food, because this is often part of the activities. Reputable providers are transparent about the costs and clarify in advance which services are included. Participants then only have to take a small amount with them for daily expenses, e.g. for Gratuities for waiters and guides, souvenirs and restaurant visits. This provides planning security about the costs of the trip.

Destinations in Central America

Panama Beach
Panama offers fantastic beaches, Image: Stefan Neumann / shutterstock

On the mainland, Central America is made up of seven countries, of which Costa Rica is by far the most popular destination. The good tourism infrastructure is an advantage, but it is also all the more important to avoid tourist traps. Puraventura offers a small group tour through Costa Rica and Panama, where the participants visit an indigenous community in the rainforest. This type of experience will be remembered forever. But many Caribbean islands are also attributed to Central America. The largest of them is Cuba, home of rum and cigars, of vintage cars and Buena Vista Social Club, of mountain rainforests and dream beaches. One Trip to Cuba is a lifelong dream for many, because with its many facets, this country fascinates like no other. The Cubans’ joie de vivre is contagious, and the many sights inspire amazement and reflection.

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How long should a round trip take?

There are enough sights in Central America for a few months. Unfortunately, hardly anyone can afford the luxury of taking such a long vacation. That’s why most round trips focus on the highlights of the respective country. Experienced tour guides manage to fit in an astonishing number of rewarding activities even in a short time. Nevertheless, a week is the minimum time to travel to a country. Below that, it is hardly possible to experience the different facets of flora, fauna and national culture. It’s even better if you bring two weeks or more to reach even a few remote places and enjoy some quiet moments.