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Entspannt in den Flieger, Bild: GolF2532 / shutterstock

Cheap parking at the airport

If you park your car at the airport, you often have to be prepared for high parking fees. But with a few simple tricks, you can save a lot of money when parking at the airport. In the following, we will tell you how to do this and what you should pay attention to.

Parking at the airport doesn’t have to be expensive

Whether you go on holiday once a year or you are a frequent flyer, the high parking fees at the airport spoil the joy of flying for many. Therefore, it is advisable to find out in advance how you can save costs for parking . In general, it can be said that it is like in many things: the early bird catches the worm. The earlier you book the parking space at the airport, the lower the price. As soon as a trip by plane is foreseeable, you should invest a little time and reserve a parking space.

In the best case, this is not only a few days before the trip, but weeks or even months in advance. Early bookers can save a lot of money compared to spontaneous parking. At the same time, parking spaces can be booked conveniently and easily online. But parking spaces can also be reserved through the travel agency.

How to save parking fees at the airport

Parking at Frankfurt Airport
Relaxed parking at Frankfurt Airport, Image: By merrymuuu / shutterstock

Another method to save quite a bit of money when parking at the airport is to use alternative parking spaces. At Parkenamflughafen you will find a selection of different alternative car parks around your departure airport. You can select the travel period online and book a parking space. Another alternative to save money on airport parking is Holiday or Shuttle Parking. You do not park directly at the terminal, but in parking areas further away. Travelers will then be driven to the terminal by shuttle bus.

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However, the alternative parking spaces are still somewhat cheaper, as they are not offered by the airport itself, but by private providers. On average, you park about ten minutes away from the terminal and are also taken there by shuttle. In addition, the cars are well secured and a comprehensive service is offered.

What are the parking fees at the airport?

Parking fees at the airport depend on various factors. Early booked parking spaces are the cheapest ones, if you drive spontaneously into a nearby parking garage at the terminal during the day, you pay the highest prices. Therefore, it is worthwhile to compare the costs beforehand and weigh up the different parking garages against each other.

How can you save as a frequent flyer?

Frequent flyers who commute for work, for example, can also save a lot of money when parking at the airport. Discounts or special conditions can often be agreed on official car parks or alternative car parks. For this purpose, you can obtain various offers and compare them if necessary. In some cases, however, proof is also required for frequent flyers, but miles or status cards from the airlines are usually sufficient for this.

Can I switch to nearby residential areas?

Parking your car near an airport in the middle of a residential area and thus saving parking fees is not recommended. Especially in large cities, parking conditions can change during vacation, for example due to temporary parking or parking bans. In addition, the risk of theft and vandalism increases.

Residents are also not very pleased when parking spaces in their own area are occupied by travelers for a long time. The police and public order office are particularly sensitive to this issue, especially near the airport, and are happy to have the holiday parkers towed away. If parking in a residential area is generally allowed, then of course you can theoretically park there, but even then it is not necessarily morally right.

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