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Unterwegs Geld verdienen und gleichzeitig andere Länder und Kulturen kennenlernen, Bild: RB_Media / shutterstock

Around the World: The Best Destinations for Digital Nomads in 2022

Explore the world – but which countries are really recommended or should you have seen once? Especially in view of the fact that you want to be on the road as a digital nomad?

Earn money on the go

It may be an effort to leave everything behind in order to be able to earn money in different countries as a digital nomad. In this day and age, it is possible to earn money only with a computer, a USB stick and an upright internet connection. For example, as a remote worker, but also as a trader, who then starts speculating and making money after a crypto exchange comparison .

North America


Mexico Beach
Mexico has great beaches to offer, Image: Jess Kraft / shutterstock

Mexico is arguably one of the top destinations when it comes to being a digital nomad. However, it is important to deal with the preferred locations in advance. Because not everywhere in Mexico has a good internet connection. And when you are a digital nomad or remote worker , it is important to always have access to the Internet.

Mexico scores with a low cost of living, beautiful beaches, excellent food and unique sunsets. Above all, the Mexicans are extremely hospitable.


When it comes to sustainability, for example, Canada is probably the undisputed leader. Furthermore, health care in the country is excellent, the cost of living is affordable, and the cities of Ottawa and Toronto are among the largest commercial and financial centers in the world. Once you have settled in Canada as a digital nomad, it will be difficult to get away again.



If you’re thinking of earning money as a digital nomad, you don’t necessarily have to go far: Serbia was one of the top 10 destinations recommended to digital nomads in 2021. Serbia is a visa-free country and offers incredible potential for remote workers. Serbia is also very interesting because of the low cost of living. In addition, there is modern infrastructure and historical architecture in Novi Sad or Belgrade – highly recommended!


Iceland offers a long-term visa for remote workers. The land of celebration and ice may not be the first choice for sun providers, but it scores with extremely beautiful northern lights and ensures relaxed everyday life. Because the Icelander is known for his calm and restraint. So if you need a break, you can take a look at Iceland and get to know new cultures here.


Portugal convinces with beautiful beaches, a modern infrastructure as well as low prices and a very good internet connection. Lisbon and Madeira are also often referred to as European centers for digital nomads. If you enter as a non-EU citizen, you can apply for a one-year visa – enough time to work in Portugal and get to know the country at the same time. So if you are still looking for a destination to earn your money as a remote worker, you should definitely take a look at Portugal.


Whether it’s the capital Prague or Brno: The Czech Republic is always worth a trip – this is mainly due to the history of the country and the many sights associated with it. The Czech Republic also scores with excellent cuisine, an exceptional nightlife and a low cost of living. And the Czech Republic convinces with a very good Internet. This is also the reason why the Czech Republic is always recommended to digital nomads.



Stunningly beautiful sandy beaches, surfboards, tranquility and a healthy lifestyle – all this makes Indonesia one of the most popular countries to travel as a digital nomad. In Bali there are many bars and beach cafes with Wi-Fi – the internet is also very good. This means that as a digital nomad, you can also do your work here without any problems.


South Africa

If you decide to travel to Cape Town, you can apply for a three-month visa, which can then be extended to six months. In South Africa, you can feel at home as a digital nomad: There are many vineyards, beautiful cafés, an extremely large number of leisure activities and an excellent landscape. Even though there are many tourists, Cape Town is not overcrowded.